Young Chemists Forum

Young Chemists Forum

The Young Chemists Forum (JungChemikerForum, JCF) is the youth organization of the GDCh. Most of its members are students or young professionals. Here, young chemists coordinate and organise their interests and activities. Young chemists are represented at 54 locations across Germany, called regional forums.

The regional forums are organized as group within the GDCh’s local sections. The involvement of our young chemists spans from organizing lectures and seminars, workshops and job fairs, experimental lectures to conferences lasting several days. The largest JCF conference is the annual spring symposium (JCF-Frühjahrssymposium) organized by a regional forum. The event has achieved an international reputation as a stage for young talents – more than 300 participants witness the symposium every year.

In the regional forums, speakers and their deputies are elected by young members registered in the respective regional forum. From this group of spokespersons, the JCF board, consisting of a federal speaker and four deputies, is elected for one year. The board coordinates the activities of the JCF and its regional forums.

The JCF is a legally non-independent structure of the GDCh and its members are bound by the statutes of the society.

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