Senior Expert Chemists

Who we are—What we do

Senior Expert Chemists

We, the Senior Expert Chemists (SEC), are retired (or close to being retired) chemists, organized under the roof of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society). Most of us have an academic degree. We have over 30 years of expericence in responsible positions in industry, academia, research institutions, or the public sector. We make that kowledge and experience available to the public free of charge. The focus of our interest is: 

  • Reputation and understanding of chemistry in the public 
  • Chemical education for all ages
  • Networks and relationships of chemists worldwide
  • International contacts

We feel fit and enjoy our work. After a long life in our jobs, we now have the choice to concentrate on projects that we like to do. We are independent and not obliged to anyone. We have connections and know the sector.

The SEC Annual Meeting

2nd SEC Annual Meeting in Hanau: discussion

The SEC Annual Meeting is the joint identification project of all Senior Expert Chemists. The meeting takes place every one or two years at changing sites. Top-notch talks, ample time for discussion, and the chance to build and maintain networks attract over 300 participants.


Working groups


We foster networking of seniors and the GDCh. We focus on meetings, lectures and excursions. Cooperation with local GDCh structures and the Junior Chemists is important to us.


Public relations

We advance a better understandig of chemistry in the public. For example, by writing comprehensible articles for newspapers. We communicate the concerns of the senior chemists to the GDCh and the public.



We commission our knowledge and experience to chemical education for all ages. The focus is on lectures at schools and the cooperation with other educational institutions.


Technology Tour

In the BRAIN laboratories

Since 2007, six SEC Technology Tours took place. During the last excursions, retired members of the VAA in Hanau joined in. The visit of a high-tech enterprise is often combined with arts experience or hiking. Up to 40 persons participate in those excursions.



Working group meeting (summer 2008)

The Senior Expert Chemists (SEC) are a section of the GDCh. The board is composed of five members. Currently, three working groups have been formed. Board and working groups meet three to four times per year (dates are published on the web site).


Become an SEC member

Get involved and become a member of the Senior Expert Chemists!



Your contact at GDCh headquarters is Dipl.-Biol. Nicole Bürger
Tel.: +49 69 7917-231
Fax: +49 69  7917-1231

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