Who we are – What we do

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Inaugurated in 1971, the Division of Photochemistry has about 340 members and aims toward:

  • Promoting the exchange of ideas among expert colleagues and conveying professional impulses;
  • Cultivating the relationship to corresponding organizations abroad;
  • Anchoring and strengthening the discipline-related teaching in university chemistry courses;
  • Acting as a link between industrial development and academic research;
  • Promoting and supporting young scientists.

Current Focus
Due to the interdisciplinary nature of photochemistry, areas of interest reach into inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Specific topics of interest include:

Photochemical Syntheses
• Fine chemicals
• Catalysis with singlet oxygen

Mechanistic Photochemistry
• Spectroscopy
• Sensor technology
• Quantum chemistry

Photochemistry in Biology and Medicine
• Photodynamic therapy
• Photosynthesis and light-driven bioprocesses
• Fluorescence markers

Photochemistry in Technology
• Wastewater cleaning
• Lithography
• Solar energy conversion and –storage
• Optical information recording and –processing
• 3D printing

Current Executive Board

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