Who we are – What we do

The ‘Photochemistry’ division, inaugurated in 1971, currently has about 340 members. Their aims in the field of photochemistry and its surrounding areas are to:
• Promote the exchange of ideas among expert colleagues and to convey professional impulses;
• Cultivate the relationships to corresponding organizations abroad;
• Anchor and strengthen the discipline-related teaching in university chemistry courses;
• Act as a link between industrial development and academic research; and
• Promote young scientists.

Current Focuses of Work
The work direction represented by the division is interdisciplinary and comprises partial areas of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Besides these areas, the primary focuses are:

Photochemical syntheses
• Fine chemicals
• Catalysis
• With singlet oxygen

Mechanistic photochemistry
• Spectroscopy
• Sensor technology
• Quantum chemistry

Photochemistry in biology and medicine
• Photodynamic therapy
• Photosynthesis and light-driven bioprocesses
• Fluorescence markers

Photochemistry in technology
• Wastewater cleaning
• Lithography
• Solar energy conversion and –storage
• Optical information recording and –processing
• 3D printing

Current Executive Board

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