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Research, development, production and the sale of goods have decisively improved our lives in the past century and especially in the last decades. The success in all fields— whether it be in novel medicines, new plastics, agrochemicals, paints and varnishes, fibers up to the new questions of bioengineered production— would not have been possible without corresponding patent law.

The core work of this GDCh-division, founded in 1949, is to promote members who work in the entire field of intellectual property law and patent questions. The hosting of work conferences, seminars and colloquia serve this objective.


The Specialization Day

The division is highly regarded as an education forum for patent law as well as a forum for the exchange of experiences in patent issues, legislation, jurisprudence and office practice. In particular, the annual Specialization Day of the division has contributed towards this work since the division’s founding in 1983.

University/Continuing Education

Many chemists who leave the university are either not informed or know little about patent law. Thus, through seminars and lectures, division experts convey the corresponding know-how and fundamentals for chemists and natural scientists for work in the field of patent law. Thus, a primary aim of the executive board of the division, and by emphasizing the chemistry aspect, is to teach the corresponding fundamentals of patent law to chemistry graduates within the scope of continuing education at other colleges and universities.

Executive Board


Brochure "How to read patents"


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