Organic Chemistry

Who we are – What we do

Organic chemistry is a pillar of modern chemistry and the natural sciences. This discipline is a core of many cutting-edge research areas, and it extends, for example, from the material sciences, to catalysis and combinatorial chemistry up to supramolecular and biological chemistry.

The Liebig Association is the GDCh-division which deals with general as well as specific topics of organic chemistry.  One of its main aims is to arouse and strengthen the consciousness for the importance and potential of organic chemistry in the natural sciences. Consequently, the members of the Liebig Association are developing activities regarding the following themes:

  • Public relations and continuing education for schools and universities, for teachers and pupils, for society and politics
  • Modernization and quality control for chemistry university majors
  • Stimulation of new research fields and strengthening of current research projects
  • Promotion of young scientists and strengthening international exchange programs
  • Strengthening of the cooperation and exchange of ideas between academia and industry
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary contacts and projects
  • Support and innovation for the scientific publication landscape
  • Strengthening and accentuation of safety, environment protection and sustainability

Executive Board

The executive board consists of a chair, vice chair and at least one (1) but not more than three (3) board members.



Regarding current topics of the discipline, the Liebig Association for Organic Chemistry confers the ORCHEM Prize for Young Investigators to younger scientists who have distinguished themselves through novel, original and trendsetting scientific work in the field of organic chemistry.



In 1999, the Liebig Association hosted the  “Liebig-Lectureship” for exceptional young foreign representatives of organic chemistry.


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