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The GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry brings together scientists from universities, research institutes and industry and bundles expertise from the respective areas of polymer chemistry, polymer physics, and polymer applications:

  • Polymer synthesis and modification (such as synthetic polymers and biopolymers, hybrid materials & composites, nanocomposites);
  • Polymer physics and characterization (structure elucidation and presentation of structure-property relationships);
  • Industrial polymers/polymer materials and their applications
  • Functional polymers with tailor-made properties and polymer-based systems (devices); and
  • New developments in the field of polymers (e.g., polymers based on renewable resources, polymers and polymeric systems (with switch) functions for electronics, optics and medical engineering, biomaterials).

Through intensive internal and external exchange of experiences and ideas, the Division is addressing the current challenges in research, application and education in the field of macromolecular sciences and is effectively contributing towards maintaining and promoting the competiveness of the scientific and economic location, Germany.

What we stand for

We pursue the following aims:

  • To promote science and research in the field of polymer chemistry, physics, and the application of polymers/polymer materials through the exchange of information and experiences beyond the limits of the disciplines of polymer science. Moreover, we aim to further the discussion and cooperation with other GDCh Divisions, but also with associations and organizations related with polymer science.
  • To advance the dialogue about societal developments and joint objectives of universities, institutes and industry;
  • To secure an excellent education and development of a diverse academic landscape; and
  • To promote and support students and young scientists in the field of polymer science as well as to cooperate in vocational education.


What we do

To achieve our goals, we also:

  • Host the Young University Teachers Workshop with granting the Reimund Stadler Award. This workshop offers a small group of prospective university teachers in polymer chemistry and related areas the possibility to present their research work to selected scientists, thus promoting networking among each other and fostering cooperation among academia, institutes and industry. To honor exceptional research, one of the workshop participants is chosen as the next Reimund Stadler Awardee by the Division Board.
  • Award travel scholarships to students and grad students. Upon application, the Division grants stipends to co-finance conference participation to Division members.
  • Cooperate in the vocational program of the GDCh.

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