Freelancer Chemists and owners of free independent laboratories

Who we are – What we do

The FFCh is a division of freelance chemists and owners of free independent laboratories. Unlike other structures of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society), the FFCh division is a mixed group of professionals. You may find out more about the companies, the direction and specialization of the individual members in the Member section. What binds us together is our professional independence and the high standards we place on the quality of our services including:

  • Laboratory services: sampling, analyses, evaluation, consultation and all what belongs to the area of analysis
  • Expert opinions: by officially appointed and sworn-in experts, commercial chemists, safety experts, among others
  • Consultation: ranging from the development of new products and technologies to safety and extending to operation optimization
  • Other services: research, documentation, production, training and much more.

As objectives, the division pursues scientific exchange and further education. Thus, regular continuing education events and member meetings are held. Moreover, we promote business start-ups of chemists through information and support. As members, we find professional and personal support within the group, cooperate in projects and profit from our exchange of ideas and experiences with one another.

Executive Board

The executive board consists of the chair and up to five (5) board members.


Martin Heinrich Klaproth Prize

The division “Freelance Chemists and Owners of Independent Laboratories” confers the Martin Heinrich Klapoth Prize in irregular intervals.


Business Start-ups

The FFCh supports chemists who want to become self-employed whether as laboratory owners, through the founding of a production operation or as freelance advisors or expert consultants of any discipline.

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