Food Chemical Society

Who we are – What we do

Tasks of the Food Chemical Society (LChG) include:

  • Mediating the exchange of ideas and impulses among experts;
  • Promoting the continuing education of colleagues in this discipline through conferences at the regional, national and international level as well as through courses and seminars;
  • Addressing all existing scientific, technical, food-legislative and professional questions in its work groups;
  • Cultivating the relations to discipline-related societies, committees and associations in Germany and abroad, and
  • Supporting young scientists in the field of food chemistry and distinguishing excellent work of expert colleagues.

Current Focuses of Work

  • Strengthening the perception of the LChG as a scientific society;
  • Promoting education and studies;
  • Advancing young scientists;
  • Supporting continuing education;
  • Consulting for legislative bills by the federal government, German states, and the EU;
  • Cooperating with other national and international societies; and
  • Informing consumers in the press and other media.

Position Papers and Opinions

  • Position paper “Structural Deficits in Foodstuff Monitoring—90 Percent of Regional Agencies without Food Chemists” (2015) (pdf)
  • Joint Opinion of the Food Chemical Society (LChG) and of the Federal Association of Food Chemists in Civil Service (BLC) on the Situation of Training Positions for Certified Food Chemists (2015) (pdf - Appendix 1)
  • Guideline on the Professional Practical Education to Certified Food Chemists of the Federal Association of Food Chemists in Civil Service (BLC) and of the Food Chemical Society (LChG) (2014) (pdf)
  • Position paper “Food Chemistry 2014 – Quo vadis?” (pdf)
  • LChG/BLC for sufficient internships for training certified food chemists as well as uniform education and examination (State Board Examination) (pdf)
  • Position paper of the LChG on the organization of health consumer protection (Opinion of the German Federal Audit Office) (pdf)
  • On the introduction of Bachelor and Master programs in food chemistry studies (pdf)
  • Position paper of the Food Chemical Society and the Federal Association of Food Chemists in Civil Service on the professional practical training in official monitoring (pdf)



The medium of the Food Chemical Society is the journal “Food Chemistry” comprising 6 issues annually and whose subscription costs are included in the membership fees.
Online access for members.

Further Publications

NEW! The electronic brochure "Food Chemists – Experts for Foodstuffs and Consumer Protection" informs the public about the university major, professional profile and occupational fields of food chemists (2017) pdf.

In 2009, every week there was an article of the LChG in the “Current News of the Week”. In 2010, the corresponding brochures were published. More

The series "Food Chemistry, Food Quality" makes the results of LChG work groups available to interested professional groups. Up to now there are 28 single volumes. These can be acquired from the publisher, Behr’s Verlag Hamburg.

Advantages for Student Members of the LChG

The Executive Board of the LChG would like to make membership in our society, beyond its many advantages, even more enticing especially for young colleagues. Thus, the board decided that new student members will receive a one-time free entry to the German Food Chemists’ Day, i.e. during the period of the student membership in the LChG. Thus, the student members may decide themselves which year they wish to participate in this conference.   This measure ought to help young scientists to gain first experiences with scientific conferences and to make first contacts to other scientists—indispensible for a successful career later on.

Executive Board of the LChG

Represented with one member each, the executive board comprises the following areas:

  • Research/university
  • Food monitoring
  • Food industry
  • Self-employed food chemists.

In addition, the executive board consists of a chair and vice chair who alternatively come from different areas, as well as the editor-in-chief of the journal “Food Chemistry”, and one member of the work group ‘Young Food Chemists’. 


Awards and Honors

By conferring prizes and stipends, the Food Chemical Society honors personalities who have supported the work of the Society or have promoted the profession of food chemists (the Adolf Juckenack Medal). Moreover, the Society distinguishes and supports young scientists (the Kurt Täufel Prize for a Young Scientist, the Bruno Rossmann Prize, the Josef Schormüller Stipend).


Work Groups

Intensive relevant work is mainly performed in the work groups. The results, which cover the whole spectrum of tasks in the field of food chemistry, are also recognized. These are especially sought-after in the standardization and validation of analytic methods, generation of guidelines of the German Foodstuffs Code and in the legislative drafts of Germany and of the European Union.

link to the work groups

Regional Associations

To further the expert and scientific exchange of ideas among its members, the Food Chemical Society is organized into regional associations that regularly conduct scientific lecture events.

link to the regional associations

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