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Electrochemistry, with all its applications, is indispensible to industrial society today. The most important areas are:
• Environmental engineering, purification and separation of substances;
• Electrochemical power engineering;
• Surface technology;
• Micro- and nanotechnology;
• Corrosion protection; and
• Electrochemical analysis and sensor technology.

Electrochemistry is actually a fundamental science here. It deals with all processes that are linked with a passage of electric charges (electrons, ions) at phase interfaces and with the transport of ions in homogeneous phases. In contrast, even today technological processes are empirically driven. Now electrochemistry— with the acquisition of the fundamentals of the aforementioned processes including process engineering—is bridging science and industry.

When the division was founded in 1960, the interests were still limited and the circle of members was small. But soon the dynamic of interdisciplinary fields proved itself to be a stimulant: the division needed to and also wanted to increasingly assume further tasks. Whereas electrolysis and power engineering dominated in the beginning, now also high-tech fields, novel systems and materials questions are being tackled. The increasing number of members (today, about 450) reflects the resonance in all areas of science and engineering. The division’s established aim is to comprehensively promote electrochemistry from the fundamentals up to applications.



The annual conferences take place in September within the scope of the GDCh Science Forum. The topic for each conference is set so that important areas are regularly treated. Lectures by researchers from industry and academia as well as company visits ensure all participants a scientifically and socially well-rounded program. 

In the intervening years, the division, together with several societies, has hosted the international conference “Electrochemistry” which will take place in Ulm in 2018.

Support of Young Scientists

Especially important and future-oriented is the support of young scientists. Thus, the division confers stipends on undergraduate and graduate students as well as on doctoral candidates, who are division members, for visiting the

Electrochemistry 2018

vom 24. bis 26. September 2018 in Ulm.



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