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The turbulent developments in the field of the chemistry and technology of washing and cleaning — especially notable since the 1950s — and the resulting diverse ecological, human toxicological issues and other problems, make the cooperation of scientists and technicians of various disciplines absolutely necessary. Soon all the interested parties recognized this division of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society) to be an especially apt forum for the exchange of scientific ideas and experiences of all those chemists and technicians who deal with the problems of detergent chemistry and who come from universities and research institutes, governmental agencies, and from the raw materials- and detergent industry. This is why the GDCh-division “Detergent Chemistry” was founded in Bamberg in 1974. Currently the division has 400 members. The aim of the Detergent Chemistry division is to create a forum of interested persons from industry, governmental agencies, universities, institutes and media in which discussions about all technical questions concerning detergents can be held openly and constructively.  The focus is hereby on scientifically oriented declarations about the sustainable use of detergents for human beings in their environment.

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