Computers in Chemistry

Who we are – What we do

CIC is a division of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society) thatcovers all aspects of computer-based generation, processing and documentation of information and knowledge in chemistry. Founded in 1982, CIC brings together scientists from various disciplines to foster and propel development and applications in this field, with particular emphasis on

  • The annual „German Conference on Chemoinformatics“ (formerly CIC workshop)
  • Promotion of chemoinformatics, computational chemistry and chemical information as part of the curriculum at universities and higher teaching institutions
  • Support of working groups on particular aspects of interest to CIC
  • Promoting cooperation and knowledge Exchange between universities and industry
  • Supporting the open source idea for the development of chemistry software in the academic environment
  • Fostering the relationship between international institutions working in this field, in particular to EuCheMS and ACS
  • Usage of modern communication platforms like social networks

Work Areas

The division acts in the following areas: 

  • Current applications of computers in chemistry
  • Chemoinformatics including,e.g., docking methods, QSAR, virtual screening, in silico ADMETox
  • Molecular modeling of chemical, biological, and material systems
  • Chemical databases (facts, spectra, structures, reactions, algorithms)
  • Methods of processing chemical Information and transforming it into knowledge (statistics, chemometrics, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning)
  • Improving the management of chemical information

Executive Board

The executive board, elected for a four (4)-year term, consists of the chair, vice chair and at least one but not more than four (4) board members, whereby academia and industry should be equally represented in its composition.



CIC Advancement Award for Computational Chemistry

Each year the division confers the CIC Advancement Award for Computation Chemistry for exceptional dissertations and master theses that touch upon the scientific areas represented in the CIC and which represent a special service in advancing the CIC field.



Spring School on Chemoinformatics

To give interested chemistry students a glimpse into our expert area, every two years the division organizes a “Spring School on Chemoinformatics”. During this one-week block course, the students are introduced to methods of chemoinformatics through lectures and practical exercises. Participating students may possibly earn three (3) ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits in their major.  
The last “Spring School on Chemoinformatics” took place at the Computer Chemistry Center in Erlangen in March 2016. For further details, click here.

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