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The Division of Coating Chemistry, formerly knows as Division of Coating Materials and Pigments, is a division of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker; GDCh). It was founded in 1947 and has around 450 members.

The Division of Coating Chemistry is...

  • Actively promoting science and research in the field of coating materials and pigments and related raw materials, products, and technologies. Beyond this, the Division is working for the successful securing of jobs in Germany but within global competition;
  • Educating chemists and technicians of the coating materials and pigment industry via lectures and discussions during the annual division conferences (formerly: APi Conference), through regional evening colloquia in Leverkusen and Stuttgart as well as by the collaboration, on a European level, in the FATIPEC Congress taking place every other year;
  • Supporting and advancing young scientists and technicians in the area of coating materials, e.g. by organizing an annual Summer School and offering discounted fees for the annual conference;
  • Cooperating with other associations, in particular, the Association of Engineers of the Coating- and Paint Industry (VILF), the GDCh Divisions of Macromolecular Chemistry and Chemistry of Construction Materials, and with the European FATIPEC;
  • Helping to address technical and political questions in European and German legislation.  

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