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Construction chemical tasks and issues arise at any time in the construction industry, in the building materials industry, in the preservation of historical monuments, and sometimes for the users of buildings. During phases of dynamic construction activity—linked with enhanced new construction— there are partially other tasks and questions than in more sluggish construction phases in which building conservation is more important. Because the volume of new construction has strongly decreased more recently, we can again expect a period of extensive building conservation measures. The corresponding costs can even exceed those of new constructions. Within the scope of conservation measures, the chemistry of construction materials, e.g. in the selection of suitable building materials, has gained even more importance than in new construction. The GDCh Division of the Chemistry of Construction Materials, established in 1997 and consisting of well above 300 members, aims to bundle knowledge, to contribute towards information exchange, and to spark new impulses. The Division strives to improve the knowledge of all those involved in the construction process, but also to influence statutory and regulatory stipulations based on founded expert knowledge.

The diverse challenges can only be mastered, if the construction personnel is well trained in the chemistry of construction  materials. This applies to chemists, as well as to architects, civil engineers, monument conservators, and many more people working in construction, many of whom would benefit from such knowledge, thus avoiding the wrong use or wrong combination of building materials that might lead to damage or additional costs.

Main Work Areas

  • The Division organizes work conferences that are generally held once per year. Conference contributions will be published in a GDCh monograph.
    Link to the list of GDCh monographs
  • Cultivation of the relationships and information exchange with related institutions and associations in Germany and abroad, 
  • Publication and support of monographs, expert journals and similar publications including the use of ‘new media’.

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