Chemistry and Energy

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First established as a work association in March 2009, the division ‘Chemistry and Energy’ was transferred to a full GDCh-division as of January 1, 2016. The division currently consists of 340 individuals interested in the topic of ‘chemistry and energy’. This division handles scientific and technical questions of how chemistry can address the topic “Our future energy supply”,  and it pursues the following aims:
• To serve as a data- and information hub regarding the theme of chemistry and energy;
• To visualize energy-relevant activities in the GDCh;
• To organize the exchange of ideas with comparable technical and natural scientific work groups;
• To cultivate communication with further partners who deal with the topic of energy from other perspectives;
• To support GDCh publicity work in presenting what chemistry can do in the energy field in the foreseeable future (e.g., also in the organization of public workshops)

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The Weekly News

The work association published the “GDCh Weekly News” in 2010, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)-designated ‘Year of Energy’.

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