Association for Chemistry and Economics

Who we are – What we do

We founded the Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) as an independent division of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh, German Chemical Society). After three years of development, the division arose from the work association “Chemistry and Economics”.

Our vision is the linking of the natural sciences, in particular chemistry, with the economic sciences. An important aim here is to advance an international chemical-economic network. Our profile offers further details about the aims and mission of the association. 

Our association ought to appeal to chemists, natural scientists and engineers as well as to other people who are connected with chemistry or the chemical industry. This spectrum of interests is reflected in the circle of our members.

For attaining our objectives, we need the support and involvement of many individuals. We welcome your interest in the VCW and encourage you to contact us!

Tasks and Aims

Our aim is to create a forum for chemists, engineers and service providers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in which chemical-economic discussions may be held openly and frankly. The German Chemical Society, as one of the most important chemistry scientific societies in continental Europe, will set a priority here. 

We have established ourselves as a forum for chemical-economic issues and have pooled our competences in the field of chemical economics. Last but not least, we see ourselves as a network for individuals who professionally work at the interface between chemistry and the economy.

We join in

  • Investigating economic conditions of the chemical industry
  • Promoting support within the GDCh for a creative involvement with the development of the chemical industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide
  • Creating independent contributions towards the discourse about industrial and technological development and, being natural scientific and technical experts, to frankly advance our opinions

What we can offer you

The VCW is engaged in various topics at the interface of chemistry and the economy. Corresponding to the developments in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, also temporary topics will be discussed. In this regard, there are work groups and events such as one-day conferences, regional round-table discussions and workshops. 

Fully in the sense of a network, we make available to you links and literature recommendations on chemical-economic themes. We gladly accept your comments at these sites. 

We regularly inform our members via our e-journal, which you may access as a platform for publishing contributions. 

At a glance, VCW-members can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Chemical-economic business and personal contacts through our widely branched network
  • Membership in the German Chemical Society (GDCh) as a renowned scientific association
  • Information about relevant chemical-economic issues
  • Exchange of experiences with like-minded people from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry;
    Platform for initiating and shaping chemical-economic themes
  • Events on current chemical-economic Topics
  • Contacts to decision-makers from chemistry and the pharmaceutical branch
  • Information about chemical-economic topics, e.g. with literature recommendations, links and publications (e-journal)
  • Current continuing education offers

Meyer-Galow Prize for Business Chemistry

The "Meyer-Galow Foundation for Business Chemistry", under the umbrella of the Germany Chemical Society, annually calls for tenders for the Meyer-Galow Prize for Business Chemistry. The prize is conferred to a laureate who has successfully launched a current innovation of chemistry into the market in the German-speaking area, alone or together with a team. It can deal with a product or a process. Hereby the invention that has become an innovation may originate from the laureate, but it doesn’t have to.  Important is that the laureate was the driving force for the implementation in the market. Thus, the exceptional and successful transfer performance from chemistry to the market ought to be honored.  The prize is endowed with Euro 10,000.



Executive Board

The association is directed via a permanent structure comprising the Executive Board, the Core Team, and the Advisory Board. This management structure ensures two functions: On the one hand, every VCW-member can introduce his/her ideas and personal engagement. On the other hand, this management body ensures that the activities of the VCW are coordinated and the administrative tasks are continuously executed.



Business Chemistry Study Prize

The Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) confers a prize for excellent academic performance in the major of business chemistry. The prize is awarded in the German-speaking area annually. 


News from the chemical Industrie

In April 2013, the VCW published "News from the Chemical Industry: Perspectives to 2025". From various perspectives, the authors drew a multi-faceted picture of future developmental potentials of the European chemical industry. To open the magazine as a pdf-file, click here.

VCW Round-Table Discussions

Through round-table discussions, the Association of Chemistry and Economics adds to its numerous activities with a new initiative. Here the VCW is fully in line with the trend, because creating such communities goes beyond pure networking.



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