Analytical Chemistry

Who we are – What we do

The Analytical Chemistry division sees its main task as bringing together all those scientists and practitioners who are interested in analytical chemistry to the widest possible extent, in order to promote this area of knowledge by cultivating the exchange of ideas and experience and mediating expert impulses in the field of analytical chemistry and its modern development. An important aim of the division is always to pay attention that, in analytical work, the principles of “analytical thinking and acting” are taken into consideration in education and further education as well as in the diverse applications so as to obtain reliable data, results and conclusions.

The aim of the division is to set scientific and research-political accents in analytical chemistry through its opinions and position papers, to create suitable boundary conditions for this field, and to strengthen the position of fundamental research in this area.
Here is the link to current notices of the division.

Intensive relevant work is mainly performed in the Work groups.

The executive board of the division is interested in integrating the concerns of the younger members (Young analysts) into its work.


The division holds the ANAKON, its main scientific conference, every two years. There, plenary talks, lectures and poster contributions relay the focuses of scientific advancement and the most important R& D results.

The next ANAKON will take place in Münster from March 25-28, 2019 (Conference page).

Through its collaboration in the scientific coordination committee and its organization of symposia, the division is also involved in the analytica conference, which occurs every other year in connection with the analytica trade fair.

Furthermore, the division supports work group conferences and, in particular, international analytical chemistry conferences taking place in Germany.

Executive Board

The executive board consists of the chair, vice chair and at least one but not more than six board members.

Executive board of the division (2016 - 2019)

Dr. Joachim R. Richert
BASF SE Ludwigshafen

Vice chair
Prof. Dr. Carolin Huhn
Universität Tübingen

Board members
Prof. Dr. Detlev Belder
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Analytische Chemie

Dr. Ulrich Engel
Merck KGaA Darmstadt

Dr. Heike Gleisner   
Analytik Jena AG

Prof. Dr. Uwe Karst   
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität

Dipl.-Chem. Sabrina Rau  
BASF SE Ludwigshafen

M.Sc. Maria Viehoff    
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Prizes and Honors

The Fresenius Prize, conferred by the GDCh, honors personalities distinguished by their work in the scientific development und advancement of analytical chemistry.

The Clemens-Winkler Medal of the division honors the life’s work of an analyst.

The Analytical Chemistry Division Award is granted to young scientists for their special achievements.

Further prizes are also conferred by the work groups of the division.

Promotion of Young Scientists

The division supports the activities of young scientists through stipend possibilities. Thus, young division members are given the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars or workshops.

Young Scientists are represented through two members in the executive board of the division. They organize annual reunions and doctoral seminars.


The newsletter is the press medium of the Analytical Chemistry division. There are four newsletters appearing each year, and their cost is covered through the division fees. Division members may also access the newletters in pdf-format in the secured area (MyGDCh).

Spring School ‘Analysis’

The aim of this block event is to acquaint students in master-level courses of study in chemistry (or graduate students) with analytical methods and questions which are exceptionally important in industrial analysis.

Support of Stipends and Excursions

Stipend Program

The Analytical Chemistry division supports the activities of young scientists with various stipend opportunities.  In particular, young division members ought to be given the chance during their education to visit conferences, seminars or workshops. As these possibilities have been clearly extended recently, the following again summarizes the stipend program launched by the division. The events should show a clear connection to analysis.

Support of Excursions

The executive board of the division has decided to support group excursions during the analytical education of students at universities and universities of applied sciences (FHs) with a grant of a maximum Euro 250. The excursions should then be shortly introduced in the division’s newsletter. The organizer of the respective excursion should informally apply for this funding by sending a brief description of the excursion to:


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