Network & Structures


Divisions and working groups form the main intersections within the GDCh scientific network. Through conferences, courses and publications, they promote the exchange of ideas and experience among the more narrowly defined specialist fields. The divisions and working groups cover almost every field in chemistry and stand for competence, solid scientific knowledge and strict neutrality.

Aside from these groupings of persons in the scientific disciplines, GDCh members organize to work together on socially relevant and professional matters in the Arbeitskreis Chancengleichheit in der Chemie (AKCC, Working Group for Equal Opportunity in Chemistry), the Seniorexperten Chemie (SEC, Senior Expert Chemists) and the Vereinigung für Chemie und Wirtschaft (VCW, Association for Chemistry and Industry). The main events for all divisions are their annual conferences and other convocations.


Local sections & Younger Chemist Forum

GDCh's 60 local sections and 54 regional Young Chemist Forums ensure the organization's across-the-board presence wherever chemical research and production take place.

The main work of the local sections is to arrange scientific colloquia, though they also organize lectures on the popular science level and see that chemistry takes its place among regional activities. The chairs of the local sections also serve as contact persons for journalists, teachers and pupils on any issue touching on chemistry.

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