The GDCh Board of Directors and other bodies

The GDCh Board and Presiding Committee

The GDCh is composed of the following bodies:

The Board of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker is made up of scientists who have excelled in their performance across the spectrum of all branches of chemistry. It is composed of 15 members, seven of whom are scientists from universities, research institutes or government departments, while another seven are from industry or are independent consultants. The fifteenth Board member is the chair of one of the GDCh divisions. S/he is delegated for a two-year term that may be extended for another two years.

The Board selects the four-member Presiding Committee: the president and two vice-presidents, who are Board members, and the treasurer, who is a Board appointee.

GDCh Board 2020

GDCh Presidents 1949 - 2020

General Meeting

The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker: it is the assembly of all attending members of the GDCh.

Executive Director

The Executive Director ("Geschäftsführer") heads  the organization. He represents the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker in all daily administrative matters.

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