International Cooperation

International Cooperation

The GDCh participates in a number of different ways in dialogues and activities on both national and international levels. In the national context, cooperation is topic-oriented and is primarily with collegial scientific associations. On the international level, the GDCh seeks to foster both greater merging of the European chemical societies into a common European research area and close cooperation with non-European partners.

In pursuing these goals, GDCh participates actively as a member of both European and international chemical umbrella organizations like European Chemical and Society, EuChemS, and International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC. The GDCh is a member of Chemistry Europe, an organization of 16 European chemical societies, founded in the late 1990s as a consequence of the amalgamation of many chemical journals owned by national chemical societies into a number of high-quality European journals. Chemistry Europe's journals are all published with Wiley-VCH.


IUPAC / Deutscher Zentralausschuss für Chemie


Bilateral cooperation agreements: The GDCh has entered into bilateral cooperation agreements with a number of chemical societies outside of Germany. More 

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