Continuing Education

GDCh Continuing Education

The GDCh Continuing Education Programme offers you:

 face-to-face instruction by experts from industry, universities and research institutes
 challenging, crest-of-the-wave content and effective study plans
 high-level forums for the exchange of information and experience
 insight into modern methods, processes and procedures

Courses held in English

  Data integrity and computer validation in the analytical laboratory (530/21)
       The implementation of Annex 11 and OECD 17 Advisory Document
      June 11, Online
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  Chemical Development and Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and
      Pharmaceutical Industries (907/21)
      November 23 - 25, 2021, Frankfurt/Main or Online
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For courses conducted in German see:

In-house courses at your firm or institute

To suit your particular needs, we are always happy to design new course concepts together with you or to organize courses in-house at your firm or institute on GDCh listed course subjects.

On site, in-house courses have many advantages:
Adaptation of course content to your particular needs and wishes 
Targeted treatment of your particular issues and problems 
  Cost efficiency
No extra costs for employee travel and accommodation
  Time efficiency
Working time not wasted on travel 
  Exercises with familiar equipment
Discussion of questions and problems pertaining to particular equipment or instruments (in courses with experiments).

For the sake of greater learning- and cost efficiency, we recommend that you advise your company or institute to consider in-house courses whenever even four or five persons have shown an interest in a given subject.

You, too, can benefit from our years of experience in holding seminars: we will be glad to make you an offer, free of obligation, for an in-house GDCh course to be held on your premises.

Please do not hesitate to contact us personally for further, more detailed information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Continuing Education
Maike Bundschuh
Tel.: +49 69 7917 485


Corona virus information


In view of the currently dramatically increasing risk and hazard situation due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the GDCh Board of Directors has unanimously decided to cancel all GDCh events (conferences, meetings, training courses, etc.) by December 31, 2021 or if necessary, postpone or use web-based formats. This decision was not an easy one for the Presiding Committee, the Board of Directors and the managing director. However, responsibility towards participants and those affected on site left no other choice. We ask for your understanding. We will keep you up to date with further developments.

Prof. Peter R. Schreiner
GDCh President 2020 & 21


Prof. Wolfram Koch
GDCh Managing Director


Continuing Education
Tel: +49 69 7917-364/-291
Fax: +49 69 7917 475

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