Career Services

Career Services

GDCh Career Services helps you find the graduates or experienced professionals you need in all branches of chemistry and related fields:

  • chemists
  • biochemists
  • food chemists
  • chemical engineers
  • chemistry laboratory or teaching assistants
  • university graduates in related life-science professions and natural sciences

The GDCh is an integral part of the educational and professional life of practically every chemist in Germany – whether or not s/he is a GDCh member. To chemists and others in the field, the GDCh and its job market are a household word. This means that through us your job advertisement reaches your target group without unnecessary collateral spin-off. And you can always post your ad in English: virtually all of our addressees speak English.

Please see our online job market at

The GDCh offers you three easy and promising routes to finding the best qualified candidates for your position.

1. Posting on the online job market of GDCh Career Services, with its broad readership (more)

The GDCh's Internet pages are well known to both companies and job applicants. The Job Market under "Industry and Civil Service" is the most frequently visited page on our website. It is updated daily. Job advertisements posted through our easy, convenient process reach a maximum number of qualified candidates. There are three kinds of ads on our website: the inexpensive Standard Layout with 2,500 characters or less, the Premium Advertisement with your corporate logo as a PDF file, or an HTML advertisement. 


Prices for online advertisementsDuration Prices in EUR plus tax (19%)Corporate logo to appear in the listing

Premium (positions available with corporate logo as PDF file)

4 weeks

8 weeks





(Delivery per e-mail as zip file)

4 weeks

8 weeks





Standard Layout: 2,500 characters or less

4 weeks

8 weeks






How to post your online advertisement on our pages:

E-mail your job advertisement to as a Word document (Standard Layout), PDF file (Premium Advertisement) or a zip file (HTML ad). Attach your logo (where applicable) as a .jpg or .gif file. In sending your e-mail, please enter a subject reference that will not fall prey to our spam filter!

We will post your ad the next weekday at the latest. As soon as your confirmation arrives (by e-mail), you can look up your ad on the job market at "Industry and Civil Service" on our pages. Our bill will come a few days later. 

2. Publication on the Job Market in the GDCh monthly membership journal Nachrichten aus der Chemie (more)

Nachrichten aus der Chemie, the basic medium for the entire sphere of chemistry, offers an ideal framework for your job advertisement and target group.

Nachrichten is the largest and most important professional chemistry journal in German (with articles in English as well), with a monthly readership of 80,000. Reports on scientific subjects, personalities, industry, companies and events, as well as on chemistry studies and careers, make Nachrichten a must for every chemist, whatever his or her speciality or field. All job advertisements appearing in Nachrichten are posted free of charge on the GDCh online job market as well.

Please send us your advertisement in printable form as a PDF file (see Media data, on the right side). If you send your ad as a Word document, our graphic designer will lay it out at cost (about EUR 50 – EUR 100 depending on the effort involved).

3. Free compact online ads for universities in Germany and abroad (more)

We offer universities and research institutes compact online job advertisements for professors, doctoral candidates, and post-doctoral job seekers. Posting on our Job Market under "Universities and Research Institutes” or "Professors and Junior Professors" is free of charge if sent to us by e-mail.

Job Market under "Universities and Research Institutes"

Openings for doctoral and post-doctoral positions at universities and other public institutions are posted in the GDCh Job Market under "Universities and Research Institutes". These ads address degree-holders in chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, chemical engineering, physics and related disciplines. The job vacancies listing is updated weekly.

Job Market under "Professors and Junior Professors"

Positions open to full professors and assistant and junior professors are listed here and updated weekly.

Guidelines for posting available positions on one of these two lists:

Please insert the text of your job advertisement right into your e-mail, or attach it as an .rtf-file. Please do not send PDF files! The ad should have no more than 1,100 characters of continuous text, or 1,500 characters if several positions are announced in one ad. We reserve the right to shorten longer texts without notifying the advertiser.

To provide job seekers a quick overview, the first line of the advertisement should name the vacant position (e.g., doctoral or postdoctoral position, professorship, etc.) and the institute or university with the vacancy (e.g. "Doctoral position/professorship available at the Institute for xxx of yyy University" – please see sample texts). Please give the address for applications at the end of the ad.


Angela Pereira Jaé, Tel: +49 69 7917 668
Alina Gajda, Tel: +49 69 7917 665

Fax: +49 69 7917 322,

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh), (German Chemical Society)
Career Services, Postfach 90 04 40, 60444 Frankfurt

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