Prizes and awards

Prizes and awards at the GDCh

The GDCh awards high-ranking prizes and awards to all ages and career levels in various fields of chemistry and related sciences. Some prizes and awards are awarded in close cooperation with other scientific societies or have been made possible by foundations set up by the GDCh.

honorary membership

Honorary membership in the GDCh is the highest distinction bestowed by the society. This honors people who have achieved great things both for science and for the goals of the GDCh.
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GDCh prices

The GDCh awards are highly regarded in the scientific community, both nationally and internationally. Prizes are awarded in the various fields of chemistry and related sciences. The award awardee are characterized by outstanding work.
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Foundation awards and grants

Some foundations set up by the GDCh award top-class prizes to excellent scientists at different career stages. In addition, our foundations support scientific projects and award scholarships to young scientists.
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Division Awards

The various Divisions of the GDCh also award prizes and awards in their respective specialist areas. In most Divisions , the focus is on promoting young scientists, who are thereby supported in their work.
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ADUC prices

The Association of German University Professors of Chemistry (ADUC) honors up to three junior research group leaders every year for establishing an independent research area. The award takes place during the Chemiedozententagung.
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GDCh high school diploma

The GDCh Abitur Prize is an award from the GDCh for the best students in chemistry at high schools or comprehensive schools. The award is intended to encourage young people's interest in chemistry.
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GDCh Graduation Award

The GDCh Graduation Award related courses. The prize serves to further strengthen the interest of those who have completed their training in chemistry and to support them through a large network.
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GDCh special prize "Jugend forscht"

The GDCh has been awarding the "Theme prize for linking theory with chemical practice" as part of the "Jugend forscht" competition for several years. Like the Abitur prize, the award is intended to encourage young people's interest in chemistry.
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Section prizes:

Dr. Carina Kniep
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High school graduate price:

Marga Wolf
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