GDCh high school diploma award

GDCh-Abitur award 2022

The GDCh-Abiturpreis is an award from the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for the best students in chemistry at grammar schools or comprehensive schools. The GDCh high school diploma is intended to strengthen the interest in chemistry among the best students.

This is interesting for everyone who wants to start a scientific or engineering degree, not only for prospective students of chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry or chemistry teachers. Each school is allowed to award one prize winner per year with a book prize and has the right to offer two other high school graduates who are worthy of distinction a one-year, free membership. The award is usually presented during the graduation ceremony.

Since 2005, 2,700 schools across Germany have participated in the awarding of the coveted award.

And that is the GDCh-Abitur award ...

The GDCh Abitur award currently consists of


  • a book (only possible for one awardee)
  • a certificate with a letter of congratulation from the GDCh managing director
  • a free GDCh membership for one year (upon request) and free Online receipt of Nachrichten aus der Chemie

Your way to the GDCh-Abitur award 2022

The GDCh is offering the GDCh Abitur award for the 18th time this year. The current announcement and the way to register can be found here.

For registration

Please note

Each school may propose one awardee per year with a book prize and two further awardee for free membership.

Current announcement

Your way to the current call for tenders in 2022


Contact persons for processing

Marga Wolf
Tel .: 069 7917-334
Fax: 069 7917-374

Heike Herrmann
Tel .: 069 7917-372
Fax: 069 7917-374

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