GDCh final price

GDCh final award (formerly GDCh graduate award)

The GDCh final award is an award of the GDCh for graduates: inside chemical-relevant training courses such as chemical-technical assistants (CTA), chemical laboratory assistants or chemical engineering technicians. Graduates from neighboring disciplines such as PTA and BTA can also receive the award. The purpose of the award is to cement interest in chemistry among the best students.

Each school is allowed to award one award winner per year and has the right to offer two further award-worthy graduates a one-year, free membership in the GDCh.

The GDCh has been offering the GDCh final award since 2007, after the company opened in October 2006 to anyone interested in chemistry, regardless of their level of education.

Last year, 38 schools took part in the awarding of the coveted award and 84 award winners were honored at graduation ceremonies.

And that is the GDCh final award ...

The GDCh final price currently consists of


  • one Certificate
  • one ko free GDCh membership for one year (on request)
  • a free membership in the working group Vocational Education for one year (on request) *

    * Membership in the AG Vocational Education is only possible with simultaneous membership in the GDCh.

Your way to the GDCh final award 2021

The GDCh is announcing the GDCh final award for the 15th time this year. The current announcement and the way to register can be found here.

Please note

Each school is allowed to award one prize winner per year   and two other award winners: propose a free membership.

Current announcement

Your way to the current call for applications in 2021

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