Richard Willstätter Prize for Chemical Biology

Richard Willstätter Prize for Chemical Biology


  • Subject: chemical biology
  • Consists of: 6,000 euros, certificate
  • First awarded: 2020
  • Advertisement: Currently not advertised
  • Awarded jointly by: DECHEMA, DPhG, GBM and GDCh

The Richard Willstätter Prize for Chemical Biology honors interdisciplinary research, knowledge gained in chemical-biological relationships and outstanding commitment to the subject, e.g. in the form of promoting young talent or the design of courses.

The Richard Willstätter Prize for Chemical Biology is awarded by the DECHEMA Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology eV, the German Pharmaceutical Society eV (DPhG), the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology eV (GBM) and the German Chemical Society eV (GDCh) donated in equal proportions.

Current award winner: Annette Beck-Sickinger, University of Leipzig

Professor Annette Beck-Sickinger received the Richard Willstätter Award for Chemical Biology 2023 for her significant contributions in the field of peptide-protein interactions, including the interactions of peptide and protein ligands with G protein-coupled receptors and their modulation to clarify the mechanisms of action for the development of therapeutic peptides and proteins for the treatment of metabolic diseases in tumor therapy and in pain research. The award winner is also characterized by her extraordinary commitment to sustainably promoting the discipline of chemical biology in scientific discourse, in teaching and in society.

More information on Professor Beck-Sickinger

Selection committee

The selection is made by the members of the Advisory Board of the Joint division Chemical Biology of DECHEMA, DPhG, GBM and GDCh.

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