Gmelin-Beilstein commemorative coin

Gmelin-Beilstein commemorative coin


  • Subject: History of Chemistry, Chemistry Information, and Chemical Literature
  • Consists of: ? 7,500, silver medal, certificate
  • First awarded: 1954
  • Given in: even years

The Gmelin-Beilstein Memorial Medal is awarded by the GDCh to national and international personalities who have made special contributions to the History of Chemistry, chemical literature or chemical information. The prize was donated by Hoechst AG in 1954 and has been financed by the GDCh since 1996. The award commemorates Messrs. Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Beilstein, who published the first handbooks on inorganic and organic chemistry in the 19th century.

Current awardee: Guillermo Restrepo, Leipzig

The GDCh honors Dr. Guillermo Restrepo with the Gmelin-Beilstein commemorative coin 2020 for his groundbreaking work, in which he has shown, using modern mathematical methods, how philosophical, historical and theoretical concepts can contribute to the progress of chemistry. His work on the periodic system of chemical elements shows how interdisciplinarity can be implemented with great success.

More information about Dr. Guillermo Restrepo

Prize winner 2018 - René Deplanque, Lübeck

Foto: privat

Professor René Deplanque receives the Gmelin-Beilstein commemorative medal in recognition of his services to chemical specialist information. His work in the digitization of older German specialist literature has made valuable content internationally and contemporary accessible. Establishment and support of important information services in chemistry and the establishment of a networked learning platform enrich chemistry information on the Internet.

More information on Professor Deplanque

Prize winners since 1954

2020 Guillermo Restrepo, Leipzig
2018 René Deplanque, Lübeck
2016 Joe P. Richmond, Heidelberg
2014 Henning Hopf, Braunschweig
2012 Engelbert Zaß, Zurich / Switzerland
2010 Jürgen Gmehling, Oldenburg
2007 Olga Kennard, Cambridge / UK
2005 Ute Deichmann, Cologne and London / UK
2002 Ursula Schoch-Grübler, Ludwigshafen
2000 Peter Gölitz, Weinheim
1995 Christoph Meinel, Regensburg
1991 Johann Gasteiger, Munich
1990 Christian Weiske, Berlin
1988 Gerd M. Ahrenholz, Leverkusen
1987 Jürgen Schaafhausen, Bad Soden

Robert Fugmann, Frankfurt a. M.

Ernst Meyer, Ludwigshafen

1981 Fred A. Tate, Columbus / USA
1980 Margot Becke-Goehring, Frankfurt a. M.
1977 Günter Kresze, Munich
1976 Hans Rudolf Christen, Zurich / Switzerland
1973 Werner Schultheis, Frankfurt a. M.
1966 Eduard Kreuzhage, Weinheim
1965 Jean Baptiste Gillis, Gent / Belgium
1962 Erich Pietsch, Frankfurt a. M.
1958 Wilhelm Foerst, Heidelberg
1956 Friedrich Richter, Frankfurt aM

Paul Walden, Gammertingen

Maximilian Pflücke, Berlin

Selection committee

Dr. Frank OELLIEN, Stadecken-Elsheim (representative of division: "CIC") (lead)
Dr. Gisela BOECK, Rostock
Dr. Steffen PAULY, Heidelberg
Prof. Achim ZIELESNY, Recklinghausen
Dr. Vera KÖSTER, Weinheim

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