GDCh Prize for Journalism and Literature

GDCh Prize for Journalism and Literature

New name!

The GDCh Board has decided to rename the "GDCh award for journalists and writers" to "GDCh prize for journalism and literature". The new inclusive name makes it clear that equal opportunities have a high priority in the GDCh.


  • Subject: science journalism and literature
  • Consists of: ?7,500, certificate
  • First awarded: 1981
  • Awarded in: Even years

The GDCh Prize for Journalism and Literature (previously GDCh Prize for journalists and writers) is awarded for outstanding journalistic or literary achievements, regardless of the language, which contribute in a special way to the dissemination of chemical science content in German-speaking countries. In 1980 a prize for journalists and in 1997 a prize for writers were set up at the GDCh. Both prizes were awarded alternately until they were merged into the GDCh award for journalists and writers in 2008, which was renamed in 2021.

Current awardee: Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim

Miss Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim receives the GDCh award for journalists and writers in recognition of her journalistic work, with which she communicates scientific relationships with competence and humor. It is thanks to her that in addition to the classic media formats, she also skilfully uses new media formats and, with her enthusiasm, arouses interest in chemistry and natural sciences in general among people of all ages.

More information on Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim

Prize winners since 1981

2020 Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim,
2016 Editing chemistry of the German-language Wikipedia
2014 Michael Groß, Oxford / UK
2012 Vera Köster, Weinheim
2010 Georg Schwedt, Bonn
2008 Klaus Roth, Berlin

Winner of the GDCh Prize for Writers

2003 John Emsley, Ampthill / UK
2001 Carl Djerassi, Stanford / USA
1997 Dietrich Stolzenberg, Hamburg

Winner of the GDCh Prize for Journalists

2006 Hellmuth Nordwig, Fürstenfeldbruck
1997 Axel Fischer, Munich
1996 Jean Pütz, Cologne
1992 Rainer Flöhl, Frankfurt a. M.
1991 Hubert Nachtsheim, Frankfurt a. M.
1988 Friedrich L. Boschke, Bammental
1987 Reinhold Ellmer, swords
1986 Otto Krätz, Munich
1983 Ernst H. Haux, Bonn
1981 Hans Jürgen Bersch, Mainz

Selection committee

Dr. Peter GÖLITZ, Weinheim, (lead)
GDCh management (ex officio): Prof. Wolfram KOCH, Frankfurt aM
GDCh President (ex officio) - 2020/21 -: Prof. Peter R. SCHREINER, Giessen
Dr. Uta BILOW, Dresden
Dr. Michael GROSS, Oxford / GB
Prof. Evamarie HEY-HAWKINS, Leipzig
Prof. Klaus GRIESAR, Darmstadt

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