Erich Hückel Prize

Erich Hückel Prize


  • Subject: Theoretical Chemistry
  • Consists of: ? 7,500, certificate
  • First awarded: 2016
  • Given in: even years

With the Erich Hückel Prize, the GDCh honors outstanding work by scientists in the field of theoretical chemistry. The namesake Erich Hückel is known for the Hückel molecular orbital method he developed, the HMO method. The Hückel rules derived from this for the definition of aromatic and non-aromatic organic molecules are now part of the basic knowledge of every chemist.

Current awardee: Gernot Frenking, Marburg

Foto: Bildarchiv
Foto Marburg

The GDCh honored Professor Gernot Frenking with the Erich Hückel Award 2020 for his diverse, internationally outstanding contributions to solving current problems in chemistry through the application of modern, quantum chemical methods, especially in the areas of chemical bonding and inorganic molecular chemistry.

More information on Professor Frenking

Prize winner 2018 - Hans-Joachim Werner, Stuttgart

Professor Hans-Joachim Werner received the Erich Hückel Prize in recognition of his internationally leading contributions to the development of powerful quantum chemical methods, especially in the fields of multi-reference methods and local coupled cluster correlation methods.

More information on Professor Werner

Prize winners since 2016

2020 Gernot Frenking, Marburg
2018 Hans-Joachim Werner, Stuttgart
2016 Werner Kutzelnigg, Bochum

Selection committee

Prof. Willem KLOPPER, Karlsruhe (lead)
Prof. Beate PAULUS, Berlin
Prof. Christel MARIAN, Düsseldorf
Prof. Christian OCHSENFELD, Munich
Prof. Stefan GRIMME, Bonn
Prof. Leticia GONZÁLEZ, Vienna / Austria

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