Carl Duisberg badge

Carl Duisberg badge


  • Subject: Merits for the GDCh
  • Consists of: gold medal, certificate
  • First awarded: 1953
  • Announcement: Currently not advertised

The board of the GDCh awards the Carl Duisberg plaque to chemists who have made special contributions to promoting chemistry and the goals of the GDCh.

The award was donated in 1953 by Bayer AG, Leverkusen and commemorates the namesake Carl Duisberg. Duisberg was a prominent industrial chemist and long-time chairman of the GDCh's predecessor organization, the Association of German Chemists. He was one of the driving forces behind the founding of IG Farben and was instrumental in founding the German National Academic Foundation.

In spite of these merits, the dark sides of his vita must not be forgotten: Duisberg was significantly involved in the preparation of the use of poison gas by the German troops in World War I and played an inglorious role in the compulsory obligation and deportation of foreign civilians for the German armaments industry.

Prize winner 2019 - Christoph Meinel, Regensburg

Professor Christoph Meinel was awarded the Carl Duisberg Plaque for his special contribution to the understanding of chemistry in its scientific,
social and cultural dimensions honored. Through his historical work, Christoph Meinel played a key role in clarifying the conditions and consequences of scientific change. He promoted the global networking of the history of chemistry and made a significant contribution to the dialogue between science and society.

More information on Professor Meinel

Prize winner 2019 - Reinhard Zellner, Duisburg-Essen

The board of the GDCh awarded Professor Reinhard Zellner the Carl Duisberg plaque in recognition of his pioneering scientific work on the chemistry of the natural and polluted atmosphere, the initiation and coordination of large research networks on anthropogenic changes in the atmosphere and the climate, and the successful communication of these results in the GDCh, in environmental policy and in public. Through his work as long-time chairman of the joint committees ?Chemistry, Air Quality and Climate? and ?Fine Dusts? as well as the author of books and articles in the GDCh's publications, he has significantly shaped and is responsible for the GDCh's scientific responsibility in this area.

More information about Professor Zellner

Prize winners since 1953


Christoph Meinel, Regensburg

Reinhard Zellner, Buisburg-Essen

2013 Eva E. Wille, Weinheim
2012 Günther Gauglitz, Tübingen
2010 Wolfgang Flad, Stuttgart

Annie Dalbéra, Paris / France

Karlheinz Schmidt, Bonn

2000 Gottfried Märkl, Regensburg
1997 Heribert Offermanns, Frankfurt a. M.
1993 Ernst Biekert, Limburgerhof
1992 Eberhard Weise, Monheim
1991 Wolfgang Fritsche, Frankfurt a. M.
1989 Jan Thesing, Darmstadt
1988 Kurt Hansen, Leverkusen
1986 Karl-Ernst Quentin, Munich
1982 Klaus Weissermel, Frankfurt a. M.
1980 Heinrich Hellmann, Marl
1977 Wilhelm Fresenius, Wiesbaden
1976 Rolf Sammet, Frankfurt a. M.
1973 Adolf Steinhofer, Ludwigshafen
1972 Rudolf Wolf, Frankfurt a. M.
1970 Heinrich Schackmann, Duisburg
1968 Karl Winnacker, Frankfurt a. M.
1965 Carl Wurster, Ludwigshafen
1963 Wilhelm Klemm, Munster
1960 Otto Bayer, Leverkusen
1958 Ulrich Haberland, Leverkusen
1956 Ernst Kuss, Duisburg

Theo Goldschmidt, Essen

Karl Ziegler, Mühlheim ad Ruhr

Selection committee

The selection committee consists of the current incumbent board.

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