Victor Grignard - Georg Wittig Lecture

Victor Grignard - Georg Wittig Lecture

The Victor Grignard - Georg Wittig Lecture is a cooperation between the German Chemical Society eV and the Société Chimique de France. Grignard and Wittig - both big names in chemistry, both Nobel Prize winners in chemistry.

Victor Grignard received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1912 together with Paul Sabatier for his discovery of the alkyl magnesium compounds, which are named after Grignard compounds. These compounds play a major role in organic chemistry. Georg Wittig and Herbert Charles Brown received the 1979 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery of the Wittig reaction named after him. This enables the synthesis of alkenes by reacting aldehydes or ketones with ylides.

In 1994 the first Victor Grignard - Georg Wittig lecture took place. The winner was Jean-Pierre Majoral from Toulouse in France. Since then, renowned chemists from Germany and France have been honored on a regular basis.

Excellent people so far

2020 - Walter Leitner, Aachen


Professor Walter Leitner specializes in Technical Chemistry and petrochemistry. His research focus is in the field of organometallic catalysis and ranges from molecular principles to reaction engineering concepts. The thematic focus is the interface between energetic and chemical value creation.

More information on Professor Walter Leitner

2017 - Paolo Samorì, Strasbourg / France

Foto: CNRS
C. Fresillon

Professor Paolo Samorì is a physical chemist at the University of Strasbourg. Samorì's research areas are multifunctional Nanomaterials for electronics, energy and sensor applications, the production and application of 2D materials (e.g. graphene) and supramolecular systems.

Samorì also deals with "Internet of functions in tailored-made 0D to 3D multicomponent nanostructures", which was the title of the lecture at the University of Würzburg.

More information on Professor Paolo Samori

Lecturer from 2016 to 1994


Lutz Gade, Heidelberg

2015 Bruno Chaudret, Toulouse / France
2014 Matthias Beller, Rostock
2013 Mir Wois Hosseini, Strasbourg / France
2012 Klaus Müllen, Mainz
2011/2012 Michel Che, Paris / France
2010 Markus Antonietti, Potsdam

Samir Zard, Palaiseau / France

Martin Jansen / Stuttgart

2006 Carsten Bolm, Aachen
2005 Robert Corriu, Montpellier / France
2004 Herbert Roesky, Göttingen
2002 Charles Mioskowski, Strasbourg / France
2001 Pierre Dixneuf, Rennes / France
2000 Alois Fürstner, Mülheim / Ruhr
1999 Pierre Braunstein, Strasbourg / France

Igor BM Tkatchenko, Dijon / France

Herhard Wegner, Mainz


François Mathey, Palaiseau / France


Bernard P. Roques, Paris / France

Karl Heinz Dötz, Bonn

1995 Michel Veith, Saarbrücken

Jean-Pierre Majoral, Toulouse / France

Commission of the Victor Grignard - Georg Wittig Lecture

Prof. Dr. Tanja Gaich, University of Konstanz (lead management)
Prof. Dr. Frank Glorius, Westphalian Wilhelms University in Munster
Prof. Dr. Ivan Huc, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Prof. Dr. Sabine Laschat, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser, University of Regensburg

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