Costin Nenitzescu - Rudolf Criegee lecture

Costin Nenitzescu - Rudolf Criegee Lecture

The Costin Nenitzescu - Rudolf Criegee Lecture was established in cooperation with the Romanian Academy of Sciences in 2002. It took place in Germany for the first time in 2005. Since then, German and Romanian chemists have been honored regularly, thus promoting international cooperation between the countries.

Both namesakes of the lecture were organic chemists. The Nenitzescu indole synthesis was named after Professor Costin Nenitzescu, which makes it possible to create substituted 5-hydroxyindoles by means of a ring-closure reaction from a substituted benzoquinone and an unsaturated carbonyl compound. In addition, Nenitzescu received the August Wilhelm von Hofmann Medal in 1970 and was a member of the Leopoldina.

The greatest achievement of Professor Rudolf Criegee was the elucidation of the mechanism of ozonolysis. Also, the Criegee rearrangement was named after him. This rearrangement makes it possible to produce ketones, esters and carbonates from tertiary alcohols using a peracid. Criegee also received the Emil Fischer Medal from the German Chemical Society.

Excellent people so far

2018 - Bogdan Simionescu, Iasi / Romania

Professor Bogdan Simionescu is a Romanian polymer chemist and Vice President of the Romanian Academy of Science. One focus of his research is the chemistry of cellulose. Professor Simionescu gave lectures in Braunschweig, Leipzig and Dresden with the title "Engineered Polymers for Drug and Gene Delivery".

More information on Professor Bogdan Simionescu

2015/2016 - Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Leipzig

Ms. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins revolves largely around Phosphorus Chemistry. The main research interests of the inorganic chemist's group are homogeneous catalysis with mononuclear and polynuclear transition metal complexes, the applications of inorganic compounds in medical and biological areas, and precursors for Materials Science.

More information on Professor Evamarie Hey-Hawkins

Lecturer from 2014 to 2005

2014 Sorin Rosca, Bucharest / Romania
2013/2014 Achim Müller, Bielefeld
2012 Luminita Silaghi-Dmitescu, Cluji-Napoca (Klausenburg) / Romania
2011 Henning Hopf, Braunschweig
2008/2009 Marius Andruh, Bucharest / Romania
2007 Herbert Roesky, Göttingen

Ionel Haiduc, Cluji-Napoca (Klausenburg) / Romania

Commission of the Costin Nenitzescu - Rudolf Criegee Lecture

Prof. Dr. Matthias Tamm, Technical University of Braunschweig (lead management)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Bräse, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dehnen, Philipps University of Marburg
Prof. Dr. Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, University of Leipzig
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Lang, Chemnitz University of Technology

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