Training commissions

Training commissions

Training Commission

According to the statutes, one of the goals of the GDCh is to promote chemistry-oriented scientific training. To this end, a large number of scientific courses and information events on professional vocational training are organized and offered every year.
The purpose of the commission's work is to promote the quality and acceptance of the GDCh advanced training courses.
The Commission for training has over the field of training of the office of the German Chemical Society in an advisory capacity and actively respect supports the office of the formulation of strategic objectives for education, with regard to the specific content design of the training program (topics acquisition and program selection) as well as in ensuring the course quality.
The commission for advanced training is appointed by the GDCh Board.

Members of the Training Commission

Dr. Matthias Urmann, Frankfurt (Chairman)

Dr. Dirk Ardelt, Kleve
Prof. Dr. Mirko Bunzel, Karlsruhe
Prof. Dr. Michael Groteklaes, Krefeld
Dr. Britta Pfeffer, Landau in the Palatinate
Dr.-Ing. Barbara Pohl, Darmstadt
Matthias Speth, Essen
Melanie Walther, Bremen
Dr. Elisabeth Werner, Freiburg

Dr. Elisabeth Kapatsina, Frankfurt / Main (GDCh Office)
Maike Bundschuh, Frankfurt / Main (GDCh Office)
Lea Miskovsky, Frankfurt / Main (GDCh Office)

Commission for teacher training

For the control, monitoring and further development of the teacher training activities, a teacher training committee is set up by the GDCh board within the framework of the work of the GDCh. The members are nominated by the division of Chemical Education and appointed for a period of four years, their re-appointment is possible. The members should be appointed in the division of Chemical Education or be members of the GDCh further training Commission and involved the training program partner organizations.
The members of the teacher training committee elect a chairperson who is automatically a member of the GDCh training committee. The teacher training committee meets at least once a year.

The teacher training committee performs the following tasks:

- Selection of teacher training centers and proposal for their establishment to the GDCh board
- Regular definition and publication of general topics that are to be treated as priorities in regional and supraregional teacher training
- Annual selection of suitable events and speakers for the supraregional teacher training events
- Active commitment to the goals of the GDCh teacher training, acquisition of additional partners (e.g. state ministries, regional and supraregional educational institutions)
- Representation of the interests of teacher training vis-à-vis the GDCh board
- Quality control of individual events in consultation with the GDCh headquarters
- Periodic evaluation of the teacher training centers
- Review of the financial budget of the teacher training centers

Members of the commission for teacher training

Dr. Elisabeth Werner, Freiburg (Chair)

Prof. Claudia Bohrmann-Linde, Wuppertal
Dr. Mareike Dittmer, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich, Giessen
OStD Meike Klingauf, Münster
Dr. Ute Krupp, Düsseldorf
Dr. Marco Rossow, Rostock
Prof. Dr. Boris Schmidt, Darmstadt
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schwarzer, Munich
Dr. Verena Weidmann, Frankfurt / Main

Dr. Elisabeth Kapatsina, Frankfurt / Main (GDCh headquarters)

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