Here friends and partners of the GDCh congratulate on the anniversary

Congratulations from friends and partners

I have at least a couple of strong historical ties with German Chemistry. Firstly, my academic grandfather, Sir Norman Haworth (1937 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), obtained his PhD Degree in 1910 in the laboratory of Otto Wallach (1910 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) in Göttingen. Otto Wallach's academic tree can be traced through multiple branches to Friedrich Wöhler whose research led to the refutation of the concept of vitalism. Secondly, my life-long fascination with the mechanical bond in chemistry was kindled by the celebrated book on Catenanes, Rotaxanes and Knots written by Gottfried Schill (Freiburg) and published by Academic Press in 1971. This monograph, together with Schill's independent research carried out during the two decades that followed, established him as the father of the mechanical bond. I wrote in a 2014 editorial in Angewandte Chemie that "Gottfried Schill was a chemist who was decades ahead of his time." The award of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to myself and Jean-Pierre Sauvage more than vindicates this claim.

I convey my warmest congratulations to the German Chemical Society on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. The society has every right to reflect with much pride on its long history and look forward to a future full of achievement and success.

Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart, 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University / Chicago / USA.

Dear GDCh friends! The Israel Chemical Society warmly congratulates on the 150th anniversary! In many respects, the Israel Chemical Society (ICS), now 83 years old, can be considered as a younger sister of the GDCh. The group of Jewish-German refugees who established the ?Palestine Chemical Society? in 1933, years before the establishment of the State of Israel, used the German Society as their role model. It was not only chemistry; most of the founding fathers of the Israeli scientific community were German professors who brought with them the superb quality, ethics and leadership of the German science of the 1930s. Israel's oldest academic institutions, the Technion, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Weizmann Institute of Science, were established in the early 1920s by German scientists. Remarkably, the teaching language at the Technion in the early years was German.

Both Israel and Germany are still recovering from the devastation of World WarII and its consequences. The two countries have recently celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations, recognizing the fact that scientists have always been the trailblazers, far ahead of the politicians ( We've celebrated in many ways, including special issues of Angewandte Chemie and the Israel Journal of Chemistry (IJC), signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the ICS and the GDCh, hosting a delegation of German lecturers and GDCh leaders, as well as the German Ambassador to Israel, at the 82nd ICS Meeting (February 2017), hosting the recent Angewandte Symposium in Tel Aviv, holding a celebratory symposium at the Israel Academy of Sciences, and much more. As Editor-in-Chief of the IJC, I am very proud of our successful collaboration with the Wiley-VCH publishing house in Weinheim. We all recognize the outstanding contributions of the GDCh to the chemical sciences, chemical industry, chemical education, ChemPubSoc Europe, EuCheMS, IUPAC, indeed to everything chemical! All ICS members look forward to enhancing the already strong scientific interactions and warm personal relations between our societies.

Prof. Ehud Keinan, President, the Israel Chemical Society

EuCheMS (The European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences) offers its heartiest congratulations to the GDCh on the major milestone of reaching 150 years of existence. The GDCh is the cornerstone of chemistry in Germany and a role model for many societies around the world. It has been a major supporter of EuCheMS from its inception and has provided or supported many senior members of our Executive Board including Eckart Rühl, Michael Dröscher, Wolfram Koch and Ulrich Schubert. We wish you great celebrations and a highly productive next 150 years! Prof. David Cole-Hamilton
President EuCheMS

150 years of the GDCh - this is an impressive anniversary, especially in an increasingly short-lived time in which clear values are less and less important. We warmly congratulate you on this. 150 years of GDCh - is the result of a continuously developing chemical society that faces the changing environment but does not allow itself to be guided by the fleeting zeitgeist. We continue to encourage you to do so. 150 years of the GDCh - shows that chemistry plays a central role in innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of mankind and will play an even stronger role in the future. In addition, we wish you a good hand in choosing the right partner. As BASF, with 152 years of business success through innovation, we know that in Germany, with the GDCh, we have a competent and reliable partner by our side for the future. Thank you very much for this.

Dr. Thomas Weber, BASF SE, Senior Vice President Innovation Management

Scientific curiosity has taken chemistry far. We owe many of the technologies that enrich our lives today to the research spirit of chemists in universities, research institutions and companies. At Merck, we develop drugs, laboratory technologies and high-tech materials. Chemistry has played a critical role in all of our businesses for almost 350 years. We share a long history with the GDCh. The GDCh is doing important work. Because it strengthens the public's understanding of chemistry and fact-based science - and that is precisely what is more important than ever today. I wish the GDCh and its members all the best on their 150th birthday. Keep up the excellent work you do. And: stay curious!
Stefan Oschmann
Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO of Merck

The Finnish Chemical Society, founded in 1919, warmly congratulates the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for its 150th anniversary. The active, successful and thriving scientific societies, such as GDCh contribute remarkably to solving the great challenges humanity and our globe are facing. Keep up the good work! The Finnish Chemical Society wishes the GDCh and its members all the best for the next 150 years.

Heleena Karrus
Secretary General of the Finnish Chemical Society
y Prof. Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma
President of the Finnish Chemical Society

As Secretary General of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, it is my particular pleasure to congratulate the GDCh on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. Germany has been at the forefront of Chemistry throughout those years - and now it has earned itself the challenge of bettering that performance in the next 150! We are all looking forward to seeing the ground-breaking work that will be done in the future, just as we admire the work of the past. Well done and do well!
Richard Hartshorn
Secretary General, IUPAC 2016-19

GDCh ensures that education, scientific quality and the standing of chemistry in society and politics remain strong and are continuously improved. The innovative power of chemistry is founded on this - be it the development of new synthetic pathways or a deeper understanding of what happens on the molecular and atomic level. The chemical industry, and, increasingly, many other sectors such as energy or mobility, depend on this innovative power.
At DECHEMA, we draw on and combine chemistry, engineering, biotechnology and other disciplines to develop new applications that meet societal challenges. That the chemistry pillar in Germany is strong and sustainable is owed not least to the continuous excellent work of GDCh. We congratulate you and look forward to the next centuries!
Prof. Dr. Kurt Wagemann
CEO, Dechema eV

On behalf of the Chinese Chemical Society, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations on your 150 year anniversary. The Year 2017 is also the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany. Our countries 'cooperation not only has brought a sustained momentum of development but also benefits to people' living. Over the past decades, the German Chemical Society and the Chinese Chemical Society have also gained a great collaboration success, for example, the Sino - German Frontiers of Chemistry Symposium, held in China and Germany in turn from 2006, has achieved significant outcomes with different topics of interest to both sides. I sincerely hope the German Chemical Society will be prospering year by year and we two societies' relationships will be closer and closer. I look forward to our further cooperation and thus more benefits to our chemists.
Prof. Jiannian Yao
President of the Chinese Chemical Society

For me as an electrochemist, the past 20th century was above all the century of chemistry. Modern chemistry has opened up opportunities to manipulate the building blocks of the visible world almost at will, and it shows itself in many garments. On the one hand, it comes across as a classic subject, as a fundamental science in itself. On the other hand, chemistry has an important place in the structure of interdisciplinary research. Chemistry is playing an increasingly important role in the life sciences. Biology and Medicine are becoming more ?molecular?, so that many biological and medical questions ultimately lead to chemical solutions. After all, chemistry is in many ways a key science in solving the pressing problems of mankind.
The importance of chemistry therefore goes far beyond pure science. It helps a lot if the further development of the discipline and its embedding in society are accompanied by the community of those who are specialists. Purpose and goals are sharpened in this way, especially with regard to a creative and responsible work in the interest of a sustainable, livable world. The German Chemical Society (GDCh) has mastered this challenge in an impressive manner over the past 150 years.
It is not surprising that chemistry as a basic science has a long tradition in the Max Planck Society. 20 of the more than 80 Max Planck Institutes currently conduct chemical research. Three chemically oriented institutes alone are over a hundred years old; they were founded as research institutions of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, the predecessor organization of the Max Planck Society.
The origins of the GDCh are known to be 50 years earlier; But a close connection was established in 1949: The later Nobel Prize winner Karl Ziegler, at that time director of the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, one of these more than hundred-year-old chemistry institutes, was a co-founder and became the first president of the GDCh, which just emerged from two predecessor organizations was. To date, five other Max Planck directors should follow him as presidents. Two of our directors are currently represented on the board of the GDCh.
Personally as a chemist and also in my role as President of the Max Planck Society, I warmly congratulate the GDCh on this milestone anniversary!
Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann
President of the Max Planck Society

On behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry of Spain (RSEQ), I am delighted to express my warmest congratulations to GDCh on your 150th anniversary. Your achievements along these years have always been one of the examples for chemists from Spain to follow. We hope to continue promoting joint initiatives for the years to come and wish you the largest success in the continuation of your long standing trajectory. I am sure that your commitment, leadership and collaboration attitudes will continue for the next 150 years. Thanks!
With my warmest regards, Prof. Jesús Jiménez-Barbero
President RSEQ (Real Sociedad Española de Quimica, Royal Society of Chemistry
of Spain)

Digitization, Industry 4.0 and automation are terms that have become an indispensable part of daily news. However, many do not know that chemistry is also affected by these developments. It is all the more important to provide information and address such topics. The GDCh has been doing nothing else for 150 years and I would like to thank you for your extraordinary commitment, also on behalf of Sanofi! Dr. Matthias Braun,
Sanofi-Aventis Germany, Managing Director Chemistry & Biotechnology

150 years of the GDCh are proud results and an expression of good industry work for chemists. We congratulate you warmly and wish you ?keep it up? in the coming years as we jointly shape future tasks. In our opinion, this includes digitization as well as more women in scientific and technical professions. To do this, we need more participation for our interest representatives. It is good to have the GDCh by our side in this regard.
Edeltraud Glänzer
IG BCE (mining, chemistry, energy)

Photo: Stefan Koch

Knowledge is spreading rapidly these days and is accessible to everyone. However, it is quickly and often forgotten that diseases could or can be combated or even prevented through modern chemistry. With its excellent work over the last 150 years, the GDCh has made a significant contribution to ensuring that chemistry has a public place, that it is recognized and that an exchange on important topics takes place. I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of Sanofi for this!
Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas
Sanofi-Aventis Germany, Head of the German R&D Hub

On behalf of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry - IUPAC - I sincerely congratulate the members of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) in the recognition of its' 150th anniversary. The outstanding achievements of German scientists in fundamental chemistry and chemical technology are well known all over the world. The members of the GDCh are among the most active members of the IUPAC and contribute a lot to its activities. The outstanding input of 31 thousand members of the German Chemical Society to chemical science and technology, as well as to the educational programs, serves as an example of the best practices to the global chemistry community and helps to overcome the challenges of today. I wish the German Chemical Society and all its' members prosperity and new wonderful scientific and technological achievements.
Professor Natalia Tarasova
President, IUPAC

I myself owe it to chemistry, if I say it in one sentence, everything, everything for thirty years. "
This is what the great writer Thomas Bernhard wrote in the novel ?Concrete?, referring to the beneficial medication that kept him alive.
?Chemistry helps? could be a slogan of the GDCh in the anniversary year. Chemistry helps to solve problems, including those that we have created ourselves. The GDCh offers many opportunities, for example in its magazines and at its conferences, to discuss problems and solutions. I also owe everything to chemistry and the GDCh, I am not afraid of either future.
Dr. Peter Gölitz
Angewandte Chemie, editor-in-chief

150 years of commitment to chemistry as a mediator between science and society. For this I thank and congratulate the GDCh on behalf of the Leibniz Association. As a research organization that has a particular focus on the needs of society, we pursue very similar goals. Chemistry not only plays a role in relevant natural and engineering institutes such as the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis in Rostock or the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden. According to our transdisciplinary and cooperative understanding of science, chemistry can also be found in institutes of the life, environmental and agricultural sciences. Wherever chemistry is relevant - and it is well known that it is often.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kleiner
President of the Leibniz Association

Photo: Oliver Lang

It's been exactly 11 years since I received the third best poster prize from the GDCh - my first prize ever in my career. The GDCh conferences and publications have accompanied me since 1998 and have enriched me professionally. It is the transfer of science between the generations that characterizes the GDCh and makes it special.
For me as an Egyptian chemist who did her doctorate at TUM, and later in my role as a postdoc, cooperation coordinator and visiting professor, the international climate of the GDCh was of great importance. And through the proportion of female managers, the GDCh also represents a model for me. I can only congratulate the GDCh on its 150th anniversary - on the achievements and the prestigious position among international and national chemists over the years.
Dr. Ghada Bassioni
Prof. & Head Chem. Eng., Ain Shams Univ. & Coord. Egypt-Germany Collaboration, STDF, Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research

Chemistry creates added value for the societies of today and tomorrow. The GDCh plays an important role in this process: It provides scientists and experts from the industry with the opportunity to form networks at an international level, supports young talents, and strengthens society's overall trust in chemistry. Clariant thanks the GDCh for its continuous close cooperation and congratulates the organization on its 150th anniversary! Dr. Hariolf Kottmann
Chief Executive Officer, Clariant

Chemistry is an engine of innovation. It offers society quality of life with modern pharmaceuticals, solutions for the economical use of raw materials and energy or innovative materials for renewable energy generation and digital communication technologies. The GDCh has been connecting scientists and industrial chemists for 150 years with the common goal of clearing up scientific phenomena and then making these findings usable in practice. The GDCh guarantees that there will continue to be a lively, fruitful exchange of ideas and results between chemists in science and industry in the future.
Dr. Utz Tillmann
General Manager, Association of the Chemical Industry eV

Copyright photo: VCI, René Spalek

I would like to start by congratulating the German Chemical Society (GDCh) for reaching the 150th years of celebration. GDCh had been a founding father of the chemistry and I would like to thank for the support and cooperation as a partner. The KCS was established almost simultaneous with the Liberation of Korea in 1946. Like our country, the KCS has witnessed eye-opening growth representing basic and applied chemical sciences in Korea. I wish GDCh be successful in years to come. I firmly believe that if we work together, the bright future will be just around the corner.
Professor Chang-Hee Lee
President, Korean Chemical Society

On behalf of the American Chemical Society Board of Directors in Recognition of Celebrating 150 Years of the German Chemical Society whearas the founding organization of the German Chemical Society, or German Chemical Society- the Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft zu Berlin-was established in 1867; and read more
Dr Allison A. Campbell
President of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

On behalf of the Czech Chemical Society, that celebrated the same anniversary last year, and its members I have the pleasure to congratulate the "German Chemical Society (GDCh)" and welcome it in the club of 150+ years young bodies that do not age but mature over time. It has been our immense pleasure to collaborate with GDCh over these years and to support the role of GDCh as one of the leaders in the field of chemistry in Europe. We are looking forward to another 150 years of this fruitful partnership. Long live GDCh!
Professor Dr. Jan John
President of the Czech Chemical Society

Congratulations to our "big sister" GDCh on her 150th birthday! It's great that we are so closely connected with you in so many areas and that we work so well together. Warm greetings from the GBM. Prof. Dr. Johannes Herrmann
President of the GBM (Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

The Société Chimique de France sends to the German Chemical Society its most heartfelt greetings on the occasion of its sesquicentennial. 1867 was a great year, not only because of the birth of Germany as attested by the advent of the North German Confederation, but also the foundation of the Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft zu Berlin which grows up simultaneously with the spectacular development of chemical research and industries in this country.
In the current context of globalization, it is important to strengthen the central role of chemistry. Within Europe, GDCh is a major contributor to the build up of the European network of chemical societies, now EuCheMS and to the development of an homogeneous set of European Journals, ChemPubSoc Europe. I am very much honored to say the German chemist Merci!
Prof. Gilberte Chambaud
President of the Société Chimique de France

On behalf of the Austrian Chemical Society I want to congratulate you to 150 years of ongoing success. During these years you always had a leading role to highlight the importance of chemistry and their contribution to the society. You constantly improve and strengthen their reputation and act as a main driver for future transformation. Over Decades the Austrian Chemical Society has an amicable and constructive cooperation with you and we strongly believe that this will carry on for the next decades. Please carry on your fantastic work. Happy birthday GDCh.

Dr. Ernst Gruber
President of the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH)

A long scientific tradition, always keeping an eye on future generations - that connects us with the GDCh. And when we soon open the completely renewed permanent exhibition chemistry in the Deutsches Museum, we will show the important role of this science, for whose freedom, tolerance and truthfulness the GDCh has been campaigning for 150 years. Because chemistry is everywhere - there are no natural processes without chemistry and no non-chemical compounds. That is why we need scientists who are aware of the effects of their activities on people and nature. And so we wish this traditional company that it can continue to work successfully for a long time to come.
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang M. Heckl, General Director of the Deutsches Museum

The managers of the chemical industry in the VAA very much appreciate the close and good exchange with the GDCh. We are delighted about the long-term trusting partnership and warmly congratulate the GDCh on its 150th birthday.
Chemistry moves and is more important than ever. No other natural science contributes so much to the solution of the great social questions as chemistry. I wish you a good and prosperous future for the future.
Rainer Nachtrab
1. Chairman of the VAA, chemical managers Photo: Maria Schulz

GDCh, originally DChG - founded 150 years ago, is the society which as one of the first in the world started to support the development of chemistry and still has a great impact on its progress. We are full of admiration for imperishable achievements of GDCh and its role in the scientific community. Our society is particularly indebted for years of cooperation which substantially contributed to the development of chemistry and we are grateful for our good relations which build the future of uniting Europe. We wish joyful celebration of the 150th GDCh foundation anniversary, new inspirations, memorable scientific achievements, and both professional and personal successes to all German chemists.

Prof. Dr. Jerzy B?a?ejowski
President Polish Chemical Society

"You have to do something new to see something new," wrote the natural scientist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. In chemistry and Physics , it is essential to foster a social spirit in which new, unusual ideas are allowed to sprout. The partnership between GDCh and DPG is not only of great importance for the promotion of science and young talent, but it also promotes the natural cooperation between people of different nationalities and cultures who enrich one another. In this way, the GDCh makes an outstanding contribution to a cosmopolitan society. I warmly congratulate the GDCh on the anniversary and wish it at least another 150 years of existence.
Prof. Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer,
President of the German Physical Society (DPG)

Photo: DPG

As President of the Italian Chemical Society, I would like to express my sincere congratulations to the GDCh for the achievement of 150 years of activity. Our societies have always maintained close cooperation, as has been recently evidenced by the joint institution of the Primo Levi Award. I very much hope that our common initiative will be maintained and strengthened in the future in order to promote the role of Chemistry in Science and Society.
Prof. Angela Agostiano
President of SCI (Società Chimica Italiana)

Like no other generation before us, we have the responsibility to guarantee future generations a safe world in an environment worth living in. That is why we need a change towards more sustainability in society. In times of fake news, half-truths and denial of facts, science is challenged. And here the GDCh takes on an immensely important role: It stands up for freedom, tolerance and truthfulness in science - as an advocate of the facts.
Dr. Heinrich Bottermann
Secretary General of the German Federal Environment Foundation

For 150 years now, chemists have been organizing exchange among themselves and representing their common interests in a scientific specialist society. In view of historical, social and scientific upheavals, this is an impressive achievement. As a representative of the biosciences - a comparatively young discipline with a much more recent association history - the VBIO warmly congratulates the GDCh. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation!

Prof. Dr. Bernd Müller-Röber
President of the Association of Biology, Biosciences and Biomedicine in Germany (VBIO e.V.)

Photo: Peter Himsel

Modern chemical science largely originated in Germany, and the government of Japan during the Meiji era sent numerous delegations to universities in Germany to study chemistry and bring this knowledge back to Japan. Symbolically, from that period of time, many of the chemical and technological terms in Japan originated from the German language and in many cases are used even now. Since then, the Chemical Society of Japan has grown very rapidly, while continuing a friendly relationship between the two countries. I would really like to thank the German Society of Chemistry for this long-standing support and friendship. Chemistry has been a national pride of Germany for over 150 years, and this tradition continues even now. I am very much honored to congratulate the German Chemical Society on the occasion of its 150 year anniversary. Prof. Hisashi Yamamoto
President of the Chemical Society of Japan

Dear GDCh, Early 1980: "Why are you joining GDCh, jokingly called 'Society of Charming Gentlemen'"? Almost 40 years and two female presidents later my reply: This organization changed my personal and professional life in always exciting and manifold ways. It's been great to work with its presidents, boards, executives and members to serve chemical sciences and chemical publishing locally, in Europe (ChemPubSoc Europe) and beyond. GDCh, keep going, there are so many challenges ahead.
Wishing you a great future!
Dr. Eva E. Wille
Vice President & Executive Director
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

Happy Birthday GDCh, Celebrating the 150th anniversary is a real milestone in a world of science, where knowledge doubles every two years. Bayer is a life science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture - with chemistry being one of the core pillars to improve people's quality of life. This proves that a long history of an organization could serve a perfect basis for innovation. We combine our big "Thank You" with a birthday wish: please continue to support and strengthen the excellent conditions for people working in chemistry and the molecular sciences and support their striving for positive, sustainable innovation and collaboration culture between all stakeholders. All the best, Kemal Malik,
Bayer AG, Member of the Board, responsible for Innovation

150 years at the interface between science and industry - the chemical employers congratulate the GDCh on this special anniversary! It's the people who move chemistry. The GDCh promotes the exchange between them and thus makes an important contribution to the sustainable development of our industry.
Dr. Klaus-Peter Stiller, General Manager of the Federal Chemical Employers' Association

On behalf of the Royal Society of Chemistry I offer our heartfelt congratulations on your anniversary and our sincere thanks for 150 years of collaboration and shared passion for the chemical sciences. We proudly recall that the first paper read at the Chemical Society of London's first-ever meeting was authored by Justus von Liebig, and that one of our most distinguished early members, August Wilhelm von Hofmann, played a pivotal role in the formation of both of our learned societies.

From these early examples of international knowledge-sharing to the vibrant global chemistry community we both serve today, our two organizations have a shared history, legacy and mission that will continue for many years to come.

Prof. Sir John Holman
President, Royal Society of Chemistry 2016-18

On behalf of the Swiss Chemical Society and its members, I extend our heartiest congratulations to the "German Chemical Society (GDCh)" for completing 150 glorious years of success. GDCh and its members have always been on the top of the list for serving the chemistry community with their ideas and services and it was always a pleasure for the Swiss Chemical Society to partner with you. With your commitment and sincerity you have proved your worth and have gained the much deserved recognition and fame. You have always kept the scientific focus as your priority. We wish you all the success for many more years to come and we are looking forward to continue our joint initiatives and to further strengthen the relationship.
Dr. Alain De Mesmaeker
President, Swiss Chemical Society

The Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) congratulates the GDCh with its 150th anniversary. The KNCV, founded in 1903, values sustainable relationships with our sister societies, and especially with our close neighbors. We look forward to continue the cooperation with the GDCh in the future and jointly keep on building a vibrant international chemistry community for scientists from all over the world. Best wishes and happy anniversary!

Prof. Floris Rutjes
President KNCV

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, can look back over its long history and achievements. As one of the oldest chemical societies in Europe, the GDCh has always been at the forefront of promoting international collaboration among chemists, chemical engineers and chemical societies. In particular, the GDCh has set an example in promoting and encouraging chemistry amongst students, young people and the general public. The Hungarian Chemical Society (HCS) is pleased to pay tribute to its German sister society on the occasion of this anniversary.
Prof. Dr Livia Simon Sarkadi
President of the Hungarian Chemical Society

The GDCh as the home of many chemists, not only in Germany, is the figurehead for one of the most important natural sciences. It is current, lively, based on a very long and visible tradition - a rarity in our fast-moving world. The connection between the Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry and the GDCh is characterized by trust and respect. Congratulations on the 150th: keep it up! Dr. Uwe Nickel, 1st Chairman, German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

Chemistry moves and contributes to overcoming future challenges. All GDCh members, whether young or old, whether in studies, science, business or administration, are called upon to continue to be the engine. The Society of German Natural Scientists and Doctors warmly congratulates on the 150th anniversary.
Prof. Dr. Michael Dröscher
Treasurer and Secretary General
Society of German Natural Scientists and Doctors eV

On behalf of the Slovak Chemical Society I would like to congratulate GDCh to 150 years of its foundation. This incredibly long time of GDCh existence involves almost ten generations of chemists and evidences the importance of chemistry not only in the German society since the activities of GDCh have a European and world-wide dimension. Slovak Chemical Society wishes much success, inspiration and imagination to the German Chemical Society in further support of chemistry in this constantly changing world. Professor Peter ?imon,
President of the Slovak Chemical Society

On behalf of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) I would like to congratulate German Chemical Society (GDCh) for this beautiful age of 150 years devoted to the development and support of Chemistry! This role of GDCh together with the other European Chemical Societies is still extremely necessary to strengthen the central role of Chemistry. GDCh longevity stands as testimonial of the excellent work carried out and organizational skills but also of the caliber of membership. SPQ would like to thank for the support and cooperation as a partner and a major contributor to the build-up of the European network of chemical societies and to develop an excellent set of European Journals, ChemPubSoc Europe. SPQ wish to GDCh a very successful and bright future for at least the same period of time and at the same time working together to highlight the importance of chemistry and their contribution to the society and a link between Europeans.
Professor Artur Silva,
President of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ)

On behalf of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ) I am very proud to congratulate the GDCh on its 150th anniversary. As everybody knows, a representative part of the modern chemistry comes from Germany, and the strength of the Germany Chemistry is directly related to the strength of the Chemical Society that represents it. The GDCh is a model and an inspiration source for several Chemical Societies around the world, including SBQ, for which the year of 2017 is also particularly special due to the celebration of our 40th anniversary. Our young society sees the well-succeeded example of GDCh the way to be treated for a global respect and recognition. I wish more and more success for GDCh and all its members. Prof. Dr. Aldo José Gorgatti Zarbin
President of the Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ)

The Slovenian Chemical Society congratulates The German Chemical Society (GDCh) which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year as one of the oldest and most successful chemical societies in Europe, always at the forefront of promoting international collaboration and as one of the leaders in the field of chemistry in Europe. Over the years the Slovenian Chemical Society has cooperated with GDCh with great pleasure and we look forward to its continuation in the future. The friendly long-term relationship with Wolfram Koch was particularly valuable for mutual cooperation. Best wishes and happy anniversary, GDCh! Professor Ven?eslav Kau?i?
President, Slovenian Chemical Society

Bringing outstanding scientists together revolutionizes research. As early as 1910, Walter Nernst convinced me to organize the international Solvay conferences for Physics . The concentrated know-how of numerous subsequent Nobel Prize winners then brought the breakthrough in quantum physics. Against this background, we particularly appreciate the success of the GDCh in networking scientists. As the inventor of a sustainable soda process and founder of an international chemical group that is still successful today, I am convinced that scientific progress serves mankind.
Ernest Solvay, scientist and company founder
(represented by today's Solvay Group)

In 2017, GDCh celebrates its 150th anniversary as the successor to the Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft (German Chemical Society), founded in Berlin in 1867 by August Wilhelm von Hofmann.

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