Accreditation agency ASIIN

Accreditation agency ASIIN

The GDCh is a member of the accreditation agency ASIIN, the specialist accreditation agency for courses in engineering, Computer Science, natural sciences and mathematics Social partners who have come together to work together to ensure and strengthen the quality of higher education. As a result of the merger of the ASII and the A-CBC, the successful concept of the two specialist agencies, which are characterized by exemplary cooperation between science and industry in all committees, by large, professionally recognized pools of experts and by their international networking, will be applied to the natural science courses in mathematics , Biology, Physics, geosciences and Pharmacy expanded and transferred. Thanks to its broad technical expertise, ASIIN offers the best prerequisites for examining interdisciplinary study programs quickly and in a qualified manner. The GDCh recommends a professional accreditation for the external quality assurance of all study programs. more about ASIIN


For chemistry, the GDCh set up an accreditation agency for chemistry, Biochemistry and chemical engineering (A-CBC) at an early stage together with other specialist societies, the Conference of the Departments (KFC), the Chemical Engineering Department Day at Universities of Applied Sciences (FCFH) and the major chemical associations. In order to put the accreditation on a broader basis and to include the other natural sciences, in September 2002 A-CBC set up the Accreditation Agency for Engineering and Computer Science (ASII), a broad-based specialist accreditation agency for engineering, Computer Science and natural sciences courses and mathematics (ASIIN).


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