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In the Faculty of Chemistry and pharmacy of the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg there is a professorship (W3) for Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry (successor Prof. U. Holzgrabe, m / f / d) on July 1st, 2022 at the Institute for pharmacy and food chemistry Chemistry To fill civil servant status for life. As part of the collegial management of the institute, the future holder of the chair should represent the field of "Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry" in research and teaching across the board synthetic medical chemistry with reference to chemical biology. AI-based discovery of active ingredients is welcomed if synthetic expertise is available at the same time. Willingness to collaborate in existing and future research networks as well as to initiate new joint projects is expected. Teaching tasks should be in the subject areas of pharmaceutical / medical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis according to the license to practice pharmacy(AAppO) Tical competence with teaching experience in pharmacy, experience in academic self-administration, as well as the aptitude and special ability for scientific work, which is usually proven by habilitation or equivalent scientific achievements. The University of Würzburg is striving to increase the proportion of women in research and teaching and therefore expressly asks appropriately qualified female scientists to apply. Severely disabled applicants will be given preference if they are otherwise essentially the same. Applications are to be submitted with the usual documents (registration sheet, dated, signed curriculum vitae, certificates, documents, list of publications with the five most important publications, list of courses and lectures, third-party funding, sketch of the planned research activities, teaching concept), preferably in electronic form by January 9, 2022 by e -Mail ( ) in PDF format to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Chemistry and pharmacy . More information here.

At the Institute for physical chemistry of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg the position of a research assistant (m / f / d) is to be filled (13 TV-L, 1 FTE, time limit: 3 years). The Institute for physical chemistry operates a unique high-temperature AFM and a high-temperature catalyst test stand with Raman detection in the Center for Efficient High-Temperature Material Conversion (ZeHS). Here we are looking for you to support our research work! The high-temperature AFM is a special development that enables operation up to 850 ° C under atmospheric pressure. In order for this measurement method to break new ground, the candidate should have a high level of interest in method and device development as well as in questions of data analysis. This new type of measurement technology combines the possibility of addressing fundamental problems from a wide range of topics such as corrosion, catalysis, electrochemistry, etc. The implementation of your own research ideas is welcome and can take place as part of a habilitation project. More information can be found here. Please send applications stating the advertisement code (265/2021) by December 31, 2021 to:

Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of Toxicology at the Faculty of Chemistry, University Vienna (full-time position). The successful applicant has a proven track record in actual an innovative field of toxicology (eg innovative cell / tissue models, PBK modeling / QIVIVE, gut-microbiome-interaction, novel target approaches, mixture toxicology). Successful candidates should have the following qualifications: Doctoral degree / PhD and at least two years post-doctoral experience at a university or other research institution; as a general rule, applicants must have gained research experience outside the University of Vienna for a total of at least two years during or after their doctoral studies; Outstanding achievements and potential in research, excellent publication record, international reputation; Experience in designing and participating in research projects, ability to lead research groups, willingness to acquire third-party funding; Potential for successfully acquiring an ERC Starting Grant or an ERC Consolidator Grant (depending on career level) or comparable renowned funding within the qualification period. Enthusiasm for excellent teaching, teaching experience at universities or a teaching concept. Candidates are expected to be willing to teach students at all levels (bachelor's, master's, or doctoral level), to supervise academic theses and to promote junior colleagues. The University of Vienna expects the successful candidate to acquire, within three years, proficiency in German sufficient for teaching in bachelor's programs and for participation in university committees. Further information here. Reference no .: 12474. The application deadline is 10 January 2022.

Information for job providers: professorships and junior academic positions

Guidelines for Submitting Classified Ads

Job advertisements on this website are included free of charge if they are received by email. The list of professorships and young academics will then be updated as soon as possible, at the latest within one working week.

Please send your offers to and place the advertisement text directly in the mail or attach it as a .rtf file. Please do not send us a pdf! In order to avoid queries, please indicate in each case whether the publication should only take place on the Internet or additionally in the "News". The job advertisement should be formulated in continuous text.

In order to give interested parties a quick overview, the advertisement text should contain the advertised position (professorship) and the advertised institute or university in the first sentence ("At the institute for xxx of the university yyy a professorship in the field of inorganic chemistry is open occupy"). At the end of the advertisement, please include the address for applications and the application deadline. You can find a sample for the current job advertisements below.

Advertisements for professorships and junior researchers should not exceed approx. 2,500 characters (including spaces).
Please do not send us a designed advertisement! If you provide an address, we are happy to link to the full text of the advertisement. We ask for your understanding that we send texts that do not meet our guidelines back to the sender with a request for revision or shorten them without notifying the advertiser.

If you would also like to publish the advertisement in the "Nachrichten aus der Chemie", you have two options:

1. The individual display with graphics, logo, etc. Here you can freely choose the design and text length. For examples of designed advertisements, see our Industry and Public Service job list. The cost of the advertisement depends on its size. more

2. A small advertisement in running text without logo, graphics, etc. As before, you can also publish your Internet small advertisement as a small advertisement in the "News". A flat fee of EUR 150 plus VAT will be charged for the publication. Please inform us in your e-mail that you would like the classified ad to be published in the ?News?.

Information for job advertisers with positions for professors and junior researchers

Guidelines for the submission of job advertisements

Job offerings on this website will be posted for free on these websites if they reach us via email. The job list Professors and Junior Researchers is updated within a week at the latest.

Please send the text of your job advertisement to and insert it right into the mail or attach it as an .rtf file. Please do not send PDF files! In order to avoid further inquiries from our sides please do also indicate whether the publication should be online only or additionally in the ?Nachrichten?, our monthly member's magazine.

To provide job seekers a quick overview, the first line of the advertisement should name the vacant position (professorship) and the institute or university with the vacancy (eg "Professorship available at the Institute for xxx of yyy University" - please see sample texts) . Please also mention the application deadline and give the address for applications at the end of the ad.

The advertisement should have about 2,500 characters including blanks. We reserve the right to shorten longer texts without notifying the advertiser. Please do not send us a designed advertisement! However, you can of course link to the complete announcement on your website.

Should you additionally want to publish your announcement in ?Nachrichten aus der Chemie?, you have two options:
1. The individual job advert with graphics, logos etc: Choosing this option you can decide on the layout and text length yourself. For examples for individual ads take a look at our online job market ?Industry and public service?. Prices vary according to the ad's size. more

2. A small ad in the form of a continuous text without graphics, logos. etc: You can choose to publish the same announcement as from the list ?Universities and Research Institutes? additionally as a small ad in the ?Nachrichten?. For a small ad in print we charge EUR 150 (+ tax). Please mention in your mail if you want an additional publication as a small ad in "Nachrichten".

You will occasionally find other vacant professorships on the Industry & Public Service job list.

Deadline for advertisements in the "Nachrichten aus der Chemie"

(The publication date of the news is always the first working day of the respective month)

"News" issue 01/2022

Closing date for advertisements: December 9, 2021

"News" issue 02/2022

Deadline for advertisements: January 14th, 2022


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