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Also for final theses (master's or diploma theses)

Practical experience gained during the course not only makes the résumé more interesting, but also helps students advance personally: Think outside the box, gain impressions of the "real" world of work, make first industrial contacts and, last but not least, your own Seeing strengths, weaknesses and career goals more clearly ... there are many reasons to do an internship in industry.

You can find our offers below. Students who are interested in the internships offered are asked to get in touch directly with the contact person at the relevant company.

Information for job providers: inside of internship positions

Internships are advertised for a maximum of six months and are aimed at students studying chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry, business chemistry, chemical engineering or related natural sciences. We also publish positions for final theses (master's thesis, diploma thesis) for a natural science degree. The invitation to tender on this website is free of charge for about four months or permanently as a permanent offer.

Please indicate whether your internship should be advertised once or permanently and please send us your advert as a one-page pdf file to

JuWiChem tenders on the internship exchange

Since 2018, calls for tenders for business chemists and chemists with business interests have been published on the internship exchange of the GDCh.

In order to identify these new offers, the offers for business chemists and chemists with business interests are marked with the JuWiChem logo. The young business chemists represent the student and young members of the GDCh structure, Association for Chemistry and Economics.

Interesting interviews on this professional field can be read free of charge on the JuWiChem.

current offers

company Tendering

BCNP Consultants GmbH


current offer | Internship in business administration

November 2021


current offer | "Synthesis" internship

September 2021

Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG


current offer | Internship in Marketing / Business Development

August 2021

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)  

current offer | Master thesis tropane alkaloids in (gluten-free) bread

August 2021

Merck KGaA


current offer | Internship in in-house consulting

August 2021

State teaching and research institute for viticulture and fruit growing in Weinsberg

permanent offer | internship

for food chemists

Evonik Industries AG  

permanent offer | internship

"Employer Branding"

UHU GmbH & Co. KG permanent offer | internship
"Quality control"
UHU GmbH & Co. KG permanent offer | internship
"Research and Development"
Bayer AG permanent offer | internship
"Inhouse Consulting"
Evonik Industries AG permanent offer |
"Process engineering / biological and chemical engineering"
Evonik Industries AG permanent offer |
"Biological and Chemical Engineering" (Hanau location)
Evonik Industries AG permanent offer |
"Bio and chemical engineering" (Marl location)
Evonik Industries AG permanent offer |
Internship / thesis
"Applied Technology Silicone Resins"
BCNP Consultants GmbH permanent offer | internship

AT Kearney GmbH

permanent offer | "Summer Trainee"
GDCh Nachrichten aus der Chemie permanent offer | internship
"Editorial staff"

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