Interview with the speaker

Interview with the speaker

1. Dear Ms. Brenner, you have been supporting the GDCh for over 10 years in workshops on the subject of applications, networking and salary negotiations. What questions do chemists ask you most often?

There is a strong need to become aware of your own abilities and strengths and to work them out clearly in the application process. At the same time, with chemists in particular, I experience an inhibition threshold to really stand by these strengths. The worry of leaning too far out of the window always resonates. Therefore, an important part of my job is helping to present yourself confidently and authentically. Another topic is the assessment of one's own market value as well as the establishment and maintenance of a professional network.

2. Is there a difference between young professionals and professionals?

For young professionals, the question is what professional opportunities are generally available. Due to the frequent lack of professional practice by z. Industrial internships integrated into studies, for example, often lack insight into the world outside of the university.
For experienced professionals, the focus is on personal and professional development. Also the changed demands on the labor market under the aspect of work 4.0. and the resulting need for qualifications concerns this target group. Another focus is the question of how you can reposition yourself from an existing employment relationship and avoid the risk of a mistake.

3. How can you support?

Since I also know the company side very well, an important part of my work is to enable a change of perspective and to make it clear what the companies are expecting. In particular, dealing with the representatives from the human resources department is often difficult for chemists, as they ?think? very differently and do not really understand the direction of the questions.

4. Do specialists and managers with different academic backgrounds ask the same questions as chemists?

In some areas the questions coincide. There is a clear difference in the fact that chemists are highly subject-related and often do not have such a conscious focus on interdisciplinary qualifications. The subject of "self-marketing" is also viewed critically from time to time. There is a lot of persuading to do here that this has nothing to do with bragging or showing off. Rather, it is about communicating your own strengths to your counterpart in an authentic manner based on seriousness and backed up with examples.

5. This year, the GDCh is offering subsidized Online coaching with you for the first time. What can participants achieve with you within an hour?

Since the coaching can be tailored to the needs of the individual, the lesson offers plenty of space to clarify open questions.
Be it the discussion of application documents, the joint evaluation of possible career alternatives, the implementation of an interview situation with subsequent feedback or the clarification of a difficult professional situation with alternative courses of action. These are just a few examples. Often there is simply the desire for an assessment of the previous professional development with the glasses from the outside. This can help to broaden your own perspective and to get new impulses. And there is usually a dash of motivation for free.

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