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"I'll get the job" - success strategies for a successful job search and how you can use professional networks

May 05, 2023

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Frankfurt am Main

The application process begins far earlier than when writing application documents. This seminar will prepare you for the job search. Targeted information about the entire application process and the interview will help you to develop your individual application strategy and to present yourself successfully in the interview and, in particular, to master the rules of the game for video interviews.

With a change of perspective, we will address the question of what different expectations the representatives from the HR and specialist departments have and why the best candidate does not always get the job. Based on practical examples, you will also get a well-founded insight into the importance of professional networks and how you can use them in a serious way - in personal contact as well as virtually. Finally, you will learn how to determine your personal market value and how to score points in salary negotiations.

program points


  • Individual location assessment with analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses profile
  • The personal application strategy
  • Classic and innovative ways of looking for a job
  • What does serious networking mean in virtual space and how do I build up a solid professional network?
  • Effective self-marketing without showing off
  • Confident appearance in face-to-face and video interviews
  • Points in salary negotiation

target group

Chemists (young professionals or experienced professionals) who want to get fit for the application process.


Doris Brenner has been a freelance consultant since 1998, specializing in personnel development and career advice. She has specialist and management experience in business and has worked in strategic and operational human resources for a long time. As part of her consulting work, she also conducts interview training for HR managers and executives and therefore knows their expectations and wishes first-hand.
Doris Brenner is the author of numerous publications on the subjects of applications, test procedures, assessment centers, career planning and work techniques with a total circulation of over 600,000 copies. The business administration graduate is the initiator and founding board member of the DGfK Deutsche Gesellschaft für Karriereberatung eV and has a lot of experience, especially in the
Advice to natural scientists.

Interview with Doris Brenner - Find out more here!

participation fees

GDCh members (personal members) EUR 160,-
GDCh members, unemployed* EUR 110,-
non-members EUR 200,-

* In order to be able to claim the discount for unemployed members, please use the registration form and send it to us at the same time as a current certificate from the Federal Employment Agency showing your current unemployment (e-mail: karriere@gdch.de) !

The fees include course materials and a certificate of participation.

Further information

Registration closes four weeks before the event. If there are still places available after this date, interested parties can still register after this date.

The seminar will take place when the minimum number of participants is reached. A decision on the implementation will be made four weeks before the event date. If you want to book a ticket, hotel etc. before this date, you can call us. We can then tell you how many participants have already registered and whether the seminar is likely to take place. If a seminar has to be cancelled, all registered participants will be informed four weeks before the date. Fees already paid will of course be refunded.

The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the GDCh apply.

The seminar takes place in the GDCh Office in Frankfurt a. M. instead. Directions can be found in the box on the right. Please note that there are no parking spaces in the vicinity of the GDCh Office ! The location of the nearest multi-storey car park (expensive) can be found in the directions. Please also note that you need an environmental badge for your vehicle to drive into the city of Frankfurt!

Flyer for the seminar "Success Strategies for the Job Search"

Registration for unemployed members

Unemployed members please send us the registration form together with a current certificate from the employment agency ( karriere@gdch.de ).

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