Prizes and awards

GDCh prizes

Among the most prestigious and sought-after awards in chemistry are those granted by the GDCh, some of which were established over a hundred years ago.

The fortunate increase in recent years of endowments and donations under the GDCh aegis will enable the awarding of new prizes and honours now and in future. From these funds, GDCh also awards travel grants to young chemists on a regular basis.

Aside from the GDCh prizes and monetary awards, the organization also maintains honours listings of names of distinction in chemistry, drawn up jointly with a number of Western and Eastern European sister societies.

The highest award granted by the GDCh is the honorary membership. The GDCh, founded in 1949, first awarded such memberships in 1952 and has bestowed a further forty honorary memberships since then. Among our honorary members are such outstanding chemists as Otto Hahn, Robert B. Woodward, Jean-Marie Lehn, George A. Olah and Gerhard Ertl. Honorary memberships are conferred on specially convened ceremonial occasions, such as the GDCh's Chemistry Forum, the Convention of University Chemistry Lecturers, and the GDCh division meetings.

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